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Athens County Comprehensive
Land Use Plan Document


Appendix G - Land Use By Township Table



Promoting balanced development, providing assistance, & strengthening partnerships


The Athens County Commissioners approved the Athens County Comprehensive Land Use Plan in December 2010 after a four year development. This Plan was citizen-driven effort that will help County Commissioners make policy for land use in the county through the year 2030. The Regional Planning Commission provided guidance during various phases of the planning process including organization and goal setting; citizen participation and key person interviews; data collection, historical research, and literature review; issues analysis; policy guidelines; mapping; and Plan writing and editing.        


A Steering Committee composed of 18 individuals prepared a vision statement and agreed to be the leaders of eight task forces.  These task forces composed of dedicated citizen volunteers working in the areas of housing; environment and natural resources; utilities and infrastructure; parks and recreation; economic development; heritage, arts, and culture; community facilities; and transportation. An additional chapter, land use, was developed during the plan writing phase to outline desired land use in Athens County.

Each task force prepared a written report for its topic area.  The reports became the Plan chapters and generally covered purpose, process, existing conditions, trends, and goals and policies for each topic area.  A Land Use chapter was added to focus on key issues that were woven through the other chapters and to discuss planned future conditions.

 The key theme expressed in this document is that land use planning can chart a course for Athens County that will lead to more efficient use of land and tax dollars and in the process help to protect the valuable resources that Athens County citizens appreciate.  The County Commissioners have regular opportunity to impact policy concerning how land is used in the County.  The Plan will serve as their guide, particularly in the task force’s eight topic areas.

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