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Sponsored Youth Programs

Our Sponsored Youth Programs:
   Activity:                                           Contact Person:
October, 2001: 
        Band Festival Trophy                                   Candy Byron
        Halloween Parade                                        Dave Wickham

November, 2001:
        Beacon School Playground Equipment          Ray Skinner
        Tri County Careers Exploration                     Linda Fife

December, 2001:
        Salvation Army Stocking and Toys                Walter Rivers
        Christmas Tree Auction                                 Candy Byron

January, 2002:
        Jr. Bowling Tourn. with Big Br/Big Sisters       Ray Skinner
        American Heart Assoc. Kits                           Bob Roth

February, 2002:
        Key Club Blood Drive, Athens H.S.               Dave Sager
        Judy Morgan Art Park                                    Ray Skinner
        Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation                     Dave Sager

March, 2002:
        Easter Egg Hunt with Athens News                  Ray Skinner
        Circle K Project                                               Dan Harlett
        Summer Readers' Program                              Candy Byron

April, 2002:
        4H Leaders' Recognition Banquet                     Penne Smith
        Kidfest                                                             Rick Crossen

May, 2002:
        DARE Awards                                               Rick Crossen
        H. John Huffman Scholarship                          Linda Fife

June, 2002:
        Little League Baseball Team                           Rick Crossen
        Jr. Golf League                                               Ray Skinner

July, 2002:
        Special Olympics                                           Ray Skinner
        Swim Patches for City Recreation                   Dave Wickham

August, 2002:
        Boy Scouts                                                   Ric Mayer
        Better Calves Awards                                   Penne Smith

September, 2002:
        Nelsonville Boys Project                               Bob Roth
        Salvation Army School Kits                          Walter Rivers

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