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KiwaniScope (Club NewsLetter)

January 2003

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News Items:
Kiwaniscope Volume 5, Number 1 
 District Kiwanis's Award-Winning Bulletin
January, 2003

Time to Plan Kiwanis Pancake Day 2003

    Remember Kiwanis Pancake Day 2002?  It was a huge success, but we have to improve on a few things to make Kiwanis Pancake Day 2003 a bigger success.  Even though we cleared over $6,000 on our Pancake Day last year, there is room for improvement.  Primarily, we need to better serve our patrons during the “Rush Hours” between 5:00 p.m and 7:30 p.m.  We spent one
meeting “brain storming” ways to improve Pancake Day for 2003.  Some of these suggestions included the following:

  1. Buy or rent more grills so we can cook more pancakes and sausages during “Rush Hours.”

  2. Borrow a Hot Box from the O.U. Inn, so we can cook several hundred pancakes and sausage servings in the afternoon and serve them during “Rush Hours.”

  3. After a group comes through the door, give them a tent card and direct them to some open seats.  Write the number of people in the party on a slip of paper with the number of the order on it and give it to the servers. When the meals are prepared, a server calls out the number and he/she takes the meals to the table.

 4. Encourage students to have their coupons filled out completely before they arrive.

  5. Open two entrances to the dining hall and continue to seat them when they arrive. 
       People can help themselves to their beverages.

  6. Assign more people to help in the “Grills Tent,” dining room and kitchen during “Rush Hours.”

  7. Put pancake batter mixer in the tent with the grills.  Run water to the tent.

  8. Keep sugar-free syrup on a side table and put signs on tables that sugar-free syrup is available       from the servers. (May use sugar-free packets.)

  9. Buy more and larger bottles for regular syrup.

10. Consider buying wrapped utensils.

11. Consider renting a refrigerator for one day.

12. Encourage senior citizens to come for breakfast and lunch to escape the “Rush Hours” by offering a discount of $3.50 only before 4:00 p.m. (Print different color tickets for senior citizens.)

13. Have two tables for beverages separated; have all beverages on each table to alleviate crowding.

14. Need two large Bus Tubs for iced milk and half-and-half.

15. Need several pitchers with covers for ice-water and encourage servers to offer ice-water at            the tables.

16. We could serve hot and cold tea for little extra expense.

17. Need a cart to move the orange drink back and forth from the kitchen. (Need two                         containers.)

18. Need containers for straws, cups and lids.

19. Need two coffee makers, since we aren’t supposed to use the coffee makers at the                       Community Center.

20. Need carafes to serve coffee at the tables.

21. Could sell enough ads for the ad in the Athens News to buy a double page ad with twice the space. (This has been approved by Bruce Mitchel of the Athens News.)

22. Need to examine the use of the ads on the place mats.  Did it add anything to the value of the         ad?

23. Should we expand the number of schools who participate in the ticket selling contest?  Can            we handle the increased numbers?

24. What can we do to make the Pancake Parade more interesting and attract more people?               (Maybe we should cancel this for this year.)

25. How can we increase the pre-sales of tickets by members?

26. Shall we forget Peanut Day?

27. Can we invite other Kiwanis Clubs to attend our Pancake Day at the level of the Logan                  Kiwanis Club?

28, How can we get the Downtown Club more involved?  Can we swap pancake tickets for                roses?

29. How can we reward the Nelsonville Boys, the Circle K Club, and Key Club members for             their hard work?

December’s Programs

December 2, 2002: Dale Minor, Coordinator for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program at Hocking College, told us about his experience in raising fresh water shrimp.  He built a pond, had the shrimp and shrimp food provided by the O.S.U. Extension Office, and harvested 12 pounds of shrimp. It cost him $456 a pound to raise shrimp this first year.  He described his program as a
prevention, intervention and enforcement of alcohol and drug abuse.

December 9, 2002: Mel Handcock from Beckley, WV showed some $2,995, 24 ct gold plated collector guns with engravings of landmarks of Athens County. His company, Investment Arms Corporation, make 11 guns for a county in West Virginia and Ohio, then Mel tries to sell them to service clubs as fund raisers to raffle them off to the highest bidder..

December 16, 2002: ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY  Everyone brought Christmas gifts
suitable for members to purchase.  Santa Claus Pat Sheridan demonstrated his
expertise as an outstanding auctioneer and raised over $500 for our
administrative fund. Thanks to all the members for their generous bidding on
some wonderful gifts.

December 23, 2002: Past President Paul Schmittauer made a presentation on
“Computer  Security.”  He pointed out that there are 65,000 known viruses
and that there is no such thing as perfect security.  He recommended that
you should use anti virus scanners and software firewalls. It was a very
interesting program.

December 30, 2002: Mike Worley, member of Bluebird Society, showed slides of
bluebirds nesting.  He displayed two examples of Bluebird boxes.  The one on
the left is made of PVC with insert and the one on the right is made of
cedar. January’s Programs
January 6, 2003: Jill Thompson, Athens County Auditor, will explain the
financial condition of Athens County.

January 13, 2003:  Tim O’Shea, basketball coach of Ohio University men’s
basketball team, will give behind the scenes stories of Ohio University’s
basketball team.  Did the officials really rob the Bobcats of the recent
Kentucky basketball game?

January 20, 2003: Fred Baughman, Development Officer for the Athens Chamber
of Commerce, will explain what’s happening with new businesses in Athens.

January 27, 2003:  Michael McCullough, Post Master of the Athens Post
Office, will explain why our mail goes to Zanesville before it is
distributed in Athens.  Last Call for Contributions to The Kiwanis Story

    Ray Skinner has been working two years in his spare time on the History
of the Athens Kiwanis Club. Several members have contributed pictures,
newsletters, and newspaper clipping on Kiwanis activities over the years.
Ray has reached over 250 pages for the book and would like to complete it by
spring.  If anyone has materials related to the Athens Kiwanis Club, give
them to Ray Skinner soon.

Our Kiwanis Club Supports the Athens County Historical Society and Museum
and Its Programs

In recognition of the Bicentennial of Ohio, the ACHS&M is continuing its
celebration of the diversity of our county.

Our program for February, Black History Month, is:


by Dr. Annette Jefferson,
the Development Director of the Columbus
 J. Ashburn, Jr. Youth Center
on Sunday, February 9, 2003 at 2:00 p.m.

at  the Athens County Historical Society and Museum
65 N. Court street
Athens, Ohio

Public invited

A series of tours to Ohio Presidents’ Homes and Memorials to celebrate the Ohio Bicentennial (Open to the Public.)

Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Tour October 5, 2003

Choice of going to the Reenactment of The Battle of South Mountain on Hayes’ Home lawn or attending a     Fashion Show in the Hayes’ Museum in Fremont.

Military processional from Hayes’ Home to Hayes Tomb.

Memorial service at Hayes’ Tomb with wreath provided by President George W. Bush. 
Bagpipe tribute by a member of Zenobia Highlanders; 21-gun salute by Civil War reenactors.

Cost is $50.

McKinley and Garfield Presidential Tour June 17-18, 2003

Visit the McKinley Memorial and Museum; tour the First Ladies Museum in Ida McKinley’s home in Canton.

Tour McKinley’s Birthplace Museum and Memorial in Niles.

Stop at Garfield Memorial in Lakeview  Cemetery in Cleveland.

Stay at Comfort Inn in Mentor

Tour Garfield Home in Mentor; drive from Mentor to Bolivar for lunch at Amish Restaurant

Tour Guernsey County Historical Society Museum

Cost is $150. (includes shared room in motel)

Grant-Taft Presidential Tour April 3, 2003

Drive to Point Pleasant to tour Grant’s Birthplace Museum.

Continue to Georgetown to tour Grant’s Boyhood Home.

Visit Taft’s Birthplace Museum and tour Taft’s Art Museum in Cincinnati

Cost is $50.

    Sponsored by The Athens County Historical Society and Museum. The cost of each tour covers the cost of all the admissions, lunch (two lunches, dinner and motel on McKinley--Garfield tour), and transportation.  Contact Ray Skinner for further information and reservation form, 593-5153. 
   Go to WEB site for more details: <www.athenshistory.org>McKinleyGarfield U. S. Grant

Golf Excursion at Sea Mist Motel Myrtle Beach, SC4 nights, 4 breakfasts, 4 days of golf with cart for $365

April 21-26, 2003
Sponsored by Serendipitous Seniors of Athens, OH

The Ultimate Package

    € Play 18 holes of golf for four days on some great courses (You may add 18 holes any day at your cost.)

    € Stay in comfortable casual and modern accommodations

    € Swim in indoor heated pool or oceanfront pool

    € Relax in large indoor/outdoor jacuzzis and sauna/steam room

    € Refrigerators/microwaves in every room

    € Free Oyster Roast on Wednesday

    € Four free full breakfasts

    € On your own for all lunches and dinners

    € Base price is $365 plus sharing the travel expenses of driver

    € Cash prizes for low net and low gross scores for each day

    € Stay one night on way home on your own.  Join the Serendipitous Seniors* on a Golf Trip to Myrtle Beach, SC April 21-26, 2003given for best average low gross and low net for the year.
Prizes are given on each hole at each tournament.  In addition, cash prizes are given for birdies and eagles.

    This is the first time we have tried a Myrtle Beach excursion.  We hope to attract some new Serendipitous Seniors golfers.  The only requirement is that you be retired and old!  See Ray Skinner for a Reservation Form.

Kiwanis Loves Kids    Kiwanis International’s motto is “Serving  the Children of the World.”  Our Athens Kiwanis Club has served and is “Serving the Children of Athens.”  The Youth Services Committee would like to carry out the following projects over the 2002-2003 year:

    EVENT                                               KIWANIAN                                      BUDGET
October, 2002: 
    Band Festival Trophy                          Augie Zorn                                                  $75
    Halloween Parade                               Dave Wickham                                             $55
    Overseas Child Support ($15/month)                                                                     $90
November, 2002:
    Girl Scouts Project                                Candy Byron                                          $200
    Nelsonville Youth Project                        Ted Jones                                            $300
    Key Club Dues, Athens H.S.                    Dave Sager                                        $225
December, 2002:
    Salvation Army Stocking and Toys            Augie Zorn                                        Individual
    Christmas Tree Auction                              Penne Smith                                        $190
    Botswana Orphanage Project                    Luther Haseley                                   $500
January, 2003:
    Jr. Bowling Tourn. with Big Br/Big Sis       Ray Skinner                                          $200
    American Heart Assoc. Kits                       Bob Roth                                             $100
February, 2003:
    Judy Morgan Art Park                                Ray Skinner                                         $300
    Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation                    Dave Sager                                      $200
March, 2003:
    Easter Egg Hunt with Athens News                Ray Skinner                                     $100
    Circle K Project                                              Dan Harlett                                   $200
    Pancake Day Ticket Selling Contest                 Ray Skinner       $800 (Pancake Day receipts)
April, 2003:
    4H Leaders' Recognition Banquet                        Penne Smith                                 $500
    Summer Readers' Program                                 Candy Byron                                $200
May, 2003:
    DARE Awards                                                   Rick Crossen                               $400
    H. John Huffman Scholarship                                  Linda Fife              $500 (Huffman Fund)
    Upgrading of  S. S. Serendipity                           Ray Skinner                                  $200
June, 2003:
    Little League Baseball Team                                Rick Crossen                               $300
    Jr. Golf Tournament                                            Ray Skinner                                 $200
July, 2003:
    Special Olympics                                                Ray Skinner                                 $200
    Swim Patches for City Recreation                         Dave Wickham                         $100
    Bicycle Safety Rodeo                                         Ray Skinner                                $100
August, 2003:
    Boy Scouts                                                           Ric Mayer                                   $100
    Better Calves Awards                                          Penne Smith                               $100
    Invention Camp Scholarships                                 Ray Skinner                             $400
September, 2003:
    Nelsonville Boys Project                                            Bob Roth                            $200
    Salvation Army School Kits                                    Ray Skinner                            $500
    Additional projects                                                 Ray Skinner                            $265

TOTAL                                                              $7,800 ($6,500 from budget)

Newsletter Editors:
Ray Skinner
John Biddle

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