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KiwaniScope (Club NewsLetter)

  October 2003

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News Items:

KiwaniscopeVolume 5, Number 1        

District Kiwanis's Award-Winning Bulletin -- Four Years                  October, 2003

District Governor Dave Kelch Inspires   

District Governor Dave Kelch from the Logan Kiwanis Club gave the message of how he became Governor of the Ohio District.  It takes a long time to make it to the top of the Kiwanis
leadership, but Dave did it and will do a wonderful job as Governor for 2003-2004.

    Dave told us about a “Make a Difference Day” contest that Past District Governor, Past Athens Kiwanis President, Dale Leach had designed.  He recommended our Ohio University Circle K Club enter the contest which can result in a $10,000 first prize.  After the meeting Ray Skinner, Youth Committee Chair and Kevin DeWeese, O.U. Circle K Lt Governor, agreed to
submit an entry form. (See page six for a copy of the Project Profile.)

    Dave recommended that when we recruit new members be sure that they will attend meetings, work on projects and be proud to be Kiwanians.

        Left to right: Kevin DeWeese, Lt. Governor of Circle K Buckeye Trails Division, discusses the “Make a Difference Day” on October 25, 2003 with Ray Skinner, Youth Committee Chair and District Governor Dave Kelch.Congratulations to our new officers.

October Programs

October 4, 2003: Marching Band Festival at Athens High School football stadium.

October 6: Joint Installation of Officers with the Downtown Club at 6:00 p.m.  Lt. Governor Charles Varney presiding.

October 8, 11:00 a.m.: Hocking Valley Community Residential Center Tenth Anniversary Celebration and Tour.  Everyone is invited.

October 8-9: Service Club competition at Bloodmobile.

October 13: George Bain will describe what is happening in  Alden Library Archives and Special Collections.

October 20: Matt Seymour will share his experiences at the Circle K Convention.

October 27: Keith Adams, Manager of Athens Wal-Mart will explain their operation.

September Programs

September 2, 2003: Ray Skinner made a power-point presentation on some of the Kiwanis activities that are included in the newly published book, The Kiwanis Story: History of the Kiwanis Club of Athens.   Ray distributed copies of the book to everyone who had ordered them and took more orders for additional books.

September 8: A heart transplant recipient provided an inspiring presentation on the need for organ transplants.  Anyone can submit an Donor Registry Enrollment Form to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  You may make a declaration: “Upon my death, I make an anatomical gift of my organs, tissues and eyes for any purpose authorized by law.”

September 15: Rev. Paul Johnson is a resident of Carbon Hill; he is a World War II Navy Veteran and a retired minister.  Paul was at our launching of the S. S. Serendipity at Beacon School last fall.  He told about his pencil sharpener collection and displayed examples of them.  After acquiring so many pencil sharpeners, he had to build a building to house them.  This is
called a Pencil Sharpener Museum.  THIS RETIRED MINISTER STAYS SHARP!

September 22: District Governor Dave Kelch, from the Logan Kiwanis Club provided the program.  See front page for a summary of his message.

September 29: Fred Holms, new City Manager of Nelsonville, told of his work since arriving in Nelsonville from LeRoy, NY.  He recommended we read the article about Nelsonville in the August issue of the Ohio Magazine. Come to “Final Friday” events.

  Rutherford B. Hayes Tour

    Don’t forget to sign up for the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Tour which is being sponsored by the Athens County Historical Society and Museum on October 5, 2003.  The bus leaves from Peden Stadium p arking lot at 8:00 a.m. and returns at 7:30 p.m.  The cost is $50 per person and you may see Ray Skinner for reservation forms.

Thank You Letter

    We received the following letter from Peter Zeisler:
Dear Kiwanis Club,
    Thank you for the scholarship so I could go to Camp Invention. 
I had a lot of fun building and experimenting with machines.
Peter Zeisler

Program for 2003-04 Installation of Officers and Directors

Prelude Music -- Peg McDargh
Master of Ceremonies -- Ray Skinner
Singing of America
Pledge of Allegiance
Introduction of Interclubs and Guests
Special Awards

Retire 2002-03 Officers and Directors
Lt. Governor Charles Varney
Remarks by Past Presidents
Richard Piccard -- Downtown Athens
Linda Fife -- Athens

Install 2003-04 Officers and Directors
Lt. Governor Charles Varney
Remarks by New Presidents
Larry Wines -- Downtown Athens
Dave Redecker -- Athens
Officers and Directors

    Athens        Officers      Downtown Athens

Dave Redecker       President          Larry Wines
Tom Taggart            1st Vice Pres.    Brian Walker
Pat Sheridan            2nd Vice Pres.
Dave Wickham       Secretary          Howard DeWald
Barb Sesher            Treasurer          Martha Bitters
Linda Fife            Past Pres.          Richard Piccard

Board of Directors
Dan Snoddy             2003-2005    Nancy King
Luther Haseley       2003-2005    Richard Moffitt
Milt Ploghoft             2003-2005    Larry Snyder
Paul Schmittauer   2003-2005
Dix Asleson             2002-2004    Tom Bolland
Bob Toy             2002-2004    James Thomas
Ray Skinner            2002-2004
Jim Wilson             2002-2004Rev.

    Paul Johnson with some of his pencil sharpeners Congratulations to New President Dave

Rutherford B. Hayes Tour

    Don’t forget to sign up for the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Tour which is being sponsored by the Athens County Historical Society and Museum on October 5, 2003.  The bus leaves from Peden Stadium parking lot at 8:00 a.m. and returns at 7:30 p.m.  The cost is $50 per person and you may see Ray Skinner for reservation forms. Thank You Letter

Let’s Support Our Fellow Kiwanians

    One of the original purposes of Kiwanis was to support each other in their businesses and professional services.  Let’s support our fellow Kiwanians by availing ourselves of their services.

    In a typical day, you could start with Breakfast at TONY GEORGE’S MCDONALDS, make a dental appointment with CRAIG MATHEWS, call DAN INMAN to have your air conditioner reconditioned, call DAVE SAGER to have your siding and deck power washed, and open an account with BARB SESHER at Century Bank..
 For lunch you could stop at Gold Star Chili where AUGIE ZORN’S son can serve a four-star chili.  After lunch, drop in at Athens Computers, Copiers and more for a new computer.  If you have a nephew or niece coming to Ohio University, call BOB ROTH for a room or an apartment.  If Bob doesn’t have anything available, call EARL FUNK; he may have a room in the Athens
Builders’ Guild.  If a friend is visiting for Homecoming, call JACK WARNER to reserve a room at the O.U. Inn.

    For dinner, you can go to Damon’s Grill and see if DAVE BRENNAN is working at Damon’s or his Book Store or his nursery sales along Route 56. Don’t forget to vote for TOM TAGGART who is running for an Athens City Council seat and don’t forget to renew your license at TINA JEFFERS’S Register’s Office.

    You may have an estate that you would like to settle  Call PAT SHERIDAN to arrange for an auction.  You can divide up the results of the auction and invest half with MICHAEL SMELTZER at American Express and half with JON REED at Edward Jones.  Remember to diversify.  Don’t forget to make an appointment with K. ROBERT TOY to make out your will, then call JOE JAGERS to make arrangements for your final resting place.

    If you need some time to unwind before going to bed, drop in at Buffalo Wild Wings where DAN HARLETT will serve as host.

Kiwaniscope Wins First Place for Fourth Year

    For the fourth time in a  row, the Athens Kiwaniscope took first place in the Orange Division of the 2002-2003 Ohio District Bulletin Contest. This award would not be possible if our club did not do the service projects, programs, and fund-raisers that are reported in the Kiwaniscope.
We want to thank all of our members for their service to the Athens community and hope that everyone will look for ways to serve our community better.

PROJECT TITLE: Complete Playground on S. S. Serendipity Ship

    The Kiwanis Club of Athens has built a 20' by 40' wooden ship with playground equipment for handicapped children on the deck.  It did not pass inspection for safety for the handicapped children.  The Ohio University Circle K Club has volunteered to correct the features that need to be corrected.  Since treated lumber was used, it must be painted to seal the preservative.  "Pinch points" on the swinging bridge must be covered.  Eight inches of pea gravel needs to be spread all around the outside of the ship.

    After the S. S. Serendipity was launched last fall, the handicapped children loved playing on their ship.  When the Health Department closed it down, the kids were heart broken.  A consultant has carefully examined the ship and prescribed exactly what must be done to make it safe for the kids. The Circle K members have already spent one day on the corrections.  Another
day should make the ship safe for the handicapped kids to get on board again.

    The handicapped children at Beacon School have no fancy plastic playground equipment on which to play.  By using treated lumber and 600 hours of Kiwanian labor, we built the S. S. Serendipity.  When the corrections are made on October 25, the children can spend many years in an imaginative envirnoment of many voyages on the S. S. Serendipity.




YOUR ORGANIZATION?  Ohio University Circle K Club Project Registration


The Athens Kiwanis Club challenges all members of Civic and Service Clubs in Athens to give blood on October 8-9, 2003.  On October 8 the Bloodmobile will be at the First United Methodist Church at 2 South College Street from 12-6 p.m.and on October 9 the Bloodmobile will be at the First Baptist Church at 336 East State Street from 12-6 p.m. You may call 593-5273 for an appointment; walk-ins are always welcome.              

We would like to see how many units of blood we can give on those days.  To encourage Civic and Service Clubs to adopt this as a service project, recognition will be given to the Club which makes the most blood donations on October 8-9, 2003. Each club may recruit family and friends to give blood for its total donations. New donors will be given special recognition.  Regardless of who gives the most, everyone who donates blood on October 8-9 will be helping releive the
shortage of blood in the Red Cross blood bank.

    Jon and Dannielle Reed are proud parents of a baby boy born on August 21, 2003.


Newsletter Editors:
Ray Skinner
John Biddle

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