Dear Kindergarten Parents,

 The next few weeks will be ones of adjustment for your kindergartner.  It will be a “getting to know you” period for all of us.  He will be busy getting to know the school and its routine, the teacher, and his classmates.  He will be learning to work with a group and also learning to be independent, learning and gaining self-confidence in making decisions for himself.

 Depending upon your individual child, you may find him cranky and hard to live with the first few weeks of school.  It is much more tiring learning to get along with 20 or more youngsters than it is two or three.

 Your child may or may not talk about his experiences at school.  Although he may enjoy school thoroughly, he may have no need to extend it beyond the school room door.

 There may also come a day when your child does not wish to come to school.  He may not know why or may have a dozen reasons why he should not attend that day.  If he is not ill, being pleasant but firm about his going to school will help him establish good routines and good school habits.  If he is decidedly upset about something that has happened at school or on the bus that he does not seem able to cope with, and it continues for more that a day or two, please do not hesitate to contact us, at home or at school.  What may seem insignificant to an adult, may loom very large for a child.

 You may also help your child establish a good routine by seeing that he gets to school on time.  The beginning of the session is spent in group activities and planning for the day, which we feel is extremely important.  The child who is habitually late tends to have a left-out feeling and it may affect his whole day.

 Although Kindergarten is sometimes thought of as a readiness program for first grade, it is really a total part of the school program.  Within the broad and flexible framework of the kindergarten, our major goal is to help every child develop a good self-concept, a feeling of self-worth, a feeling that he is a valuable person and he has a contribution to make to society.

 We want your kindergartner to develop self-confidence and self-discipline, to have many successes in his day-to-day experiences so that he can also cope with occasional failures.

 We know that kindergarten children learn best by using their senses, by doing, and through the use of concrete materials.  Using this knowledge, the kindergarten program allows for the many individual differences and growth patterns of each child, knowing that each child will gain something different from the variety of these experiences.   Throughout the year the kindergarten teachers will be working together as a team to best meet the needs or your child.

 On any given day, you will find your kindergartner being introduced to the many areas of language arts, math, science, social studies, physical education, music and art.  Besides the regularly scheduled time that is set aside for these areas, each child is free during activity time to investigate as many or as few of the above as he wishes, as long as he does not infringe upon his neighbor’s rights or welfare.  It is a time of sharing and learning self-discipline.

 Since our kindergarten program includes a variety of activities, we have found that play clothes are much more practical and comfortable for the kindergarten child than dressy clothes.  Also, we have found that a sturdy gym shoe, rubber-soled shoe, oxford shoe or boot is more practical and less accident prone than are clogs or thongs which inhibit running or playing games in gym and outside.

 If it is necessary for you to buy boots or winter jackets this year, let your child see if he can manage the buttons or openings, or if the boots are large enough for him to pull on himself.  Although the teachers are always willing to help, five year olds generally enjoy the feeling of independence that comes with doing it themselves.

 All of us at Morrison want every child to get the best possible start in this part of his education, the school.  We cannot stress too strongly the need for good communication between home and school for the welfare of your child.  Please do not hesitate to call us or the office about any question you might have.  We will do likewise.

 Please feel free to visit any time after the first month of school.  Simply let us know what day you plan to come, check in at the office to let them know that you are in the building.

      Morrison Kindergarten Teachers