Southside Community Association of Athens
Bylaws (revised 4/04)

Article I, Name:
     The name of this non-profit organization is The South Side Community Association of Athens, hereafter referred to as S.S.C.A.A.
Article II, Purpose:
     The purpose of this Association is to encourage a sense of community, provide an opportunity for residents of the South Side of Athens to have a voice in city government, maintain social contacts and to engage in a variety of volunteer, advocacy, resource development, and informational activities as appropriate for an organization of this type.  This purpose will be met by using the following strategies:

    A. To increase the communication between city and county government and the residents of this South Side Community of Athens.
    B. To increase the participation of the residents of this South Side Community in all aspects of city and county government.
    C. To increase the pride of the residents of this South Side Community in the physical attractiveness and safety of their community
    D. To increase the cooperation of the residents of this South Side Community with the various city and county departments.
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Article III, Location:
     The South Side Community (Sectors 9 and 10) of Athens, Ohio is defined by the area south of the Hocking River, bounded on the west by Township Road 32, South Blackburn Road and U.S. Routes 50 and 32, bounded on the south by Andover Road, Berkeley Drive, South Blackburn Road, Frum Road, Ridgeview and Longview Heights Road, bounded on the east by all of Old Coach Road and Oakmont Development, all of Longview Heights Road (County Road 83), and County Road 25.
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Article IV, Membership:
    A. Membership in SSCAA is open to the following:
      1. General Membership is open to all those individuals living in the South Side Community who pay dues per household.
      2. Honorary Membership can be extended to persons representing the South Side in an official capacity and/or contributing in a special way to SSCAA, e.g. certain city and county officials.

    B. Membership Responsibilities:
      1. To accept the purposes of SSCAA.
      2. To support SSCAA through attendance at meetings, service on committees, and acceptance of leadership responsibilities whenever feasible.
      3. To pay established SSCAA dues.
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Article V, Governance of SSCAA:
    A. Officers of SSCAA and Duties:
      1. The President presides over all regular and special meetings of SSCAA and the Executive Committee and performs duties as usually pertain to the office, including that of calling special meetings of the membership and of the Executive Committee.  The president shall appoint Committee Chairpersons of all Standing and Ad Hoc Committees and make arrangements for regular and special meetings.
      2. The Vice President serves in the absence of the President, provides assistance to the President in identifying issues to be addressed by SSCAA, and serves as the Chairperson of the Program Committee.
      3. The Secretary performs both recording and corresponding responsibilities for the Executive Committee and SSCAA.  The Secretary shall maintain an historical record of all activities of the organization through the minutes and arrange to have them included in the Sectors 9 & 10 Newsletters.
      4. The Treasurer maintains all financial accounts of SSCAA, receives and disburses monies, and prepares financial reports for the regular meetings and the Executive Committee meetings.
      5. The Past President shall use the experience of serving as president to offer advice to the Executive Committee.

    B. Terms of Office:
      1. The business year of SSCAA shall be from January 1 through December 30.
      2. All officers shall serve for one-year terms; however, officers may be elected to successive terms.  (It is recommended that the offices of President and Vice President serve for two years each.  The Vice President may move up to the President if he or she is interested in serving as President and is elected to that office by SSCAA.
    C. Election of Officers:
      1. The election of officers shall be handled by the Election Committee in the fall of the year.
      2. See the description of the duties of the Election Committee for details, Article VI, Section G.
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Article VI, Committees:
    A. The Executive Committee:
      1. The Executive Committee is composed of the five officers (four until there is a past-president) of SSCAA, plus the Chairpersons of the other standing committees.
      2. The duties of the Executive Committee are the following:
         a. To serve in a leadership role and provide general supervision of the affairs of SSCAA and make recommendations to SSCAA at the general meetings.
         b. To set agendas for the general meetings.
         c. To establish the dates, times and places of meetings.
         d. To develop policies and procedures necessary for carrying out the purposes of SSCAA based on input from the membership.
         e. To act on behalf of SSCAA on important issues during the intervals between general meetings and report all actions at the following general meeting.
         f. To elect a successor to any member of the Executive Committee who is unable to serve.
         g.To receive and review secretarial, financial and other reports.
      3. Actions of the Executive Committee:
         a. A simple majority of the members of the Executive Committee constitutes a quorum.
         b. Any proposed act or resolution of the Executive Committee that clearly implies the consent of the membership of SSCAA must be submitted to the membership 21 days in advance of the vote which may be taken at a general or special meeting or by mail ballot.  Such issues shall be decided by a majority vote of the members present at the meeting or of the returned ballots.

    B. The Community Outreach Committee:
      1. This committee is made up of the appointed Chairperson and volunteer members.
      2. The responsibilities of this Committee shall be the following
         a. To monitor housing, zoning, health, safety, city code, and other Athens community issues as they affect the SSCAA.
         b. To attend city zoning board, planning commission, city council, city planning, and neighborhood association meetings when issues affecting SSCAA are being discussed.
         c. To report to the membership on issues and meetings of interest to the SSCAA.
         d. To make recommendations and suggest strategies regarding SSCAA concerns.
         e. To work closely with the city and county departments responsible for issues affecting the SSCAA and with other citizen groups concerned about those issues.
         f. To prepare press releases for the various media to announce SSCAA meetings.

    C. The Historic Preservation and Community Development Committee:
      1. This committee is made up of the appointed Chairperson and volunteer members.
      2. The responsibilities of this Committee shall be the following:
         a. To assess the community assets related to our heritage and environment.
         b. To promote the conservation of the historic and aesthetic elements of the South Side.
         c. To bring to the membership recommendations and strategies regarding the preservation and enhancement of our community, and concepts for future development.
         d. To work closely with the Athens County Historical Societyand other Neighborhood Associations on projects involving historic preservation and community development.

    D. The Membership and Notification Committee:
      1. This committee is made up of the appointed Chairperson and volunteer members.
      2. The responsibilities of this committee shall be the following:
         a. To recruit members who are eligible for membership in SSCAA.
         b. To develop and maintain a current membership list with addresses and phone numbers.
         c. To organize an internet and phone network and remind people of upcoming meetings and otheractivities relevant to the South Side.
         d. To identify people living within the South Side Community who may need assistance when emergencies arise, e.g. a power outage
         e. To notify people via the internet and phone networks when a boil order is in effect.

    E. The Social and Recreation Committee:
      1. This committee is made up of the appointed Chairperson and volunteer members.
      2. The responsibilities of this Committee shall be the following:
         a. To plan and carry out social events (block parties, SSCAA Picnic, etc.).
         b. To arrange for recreational activities for people of all age levels (senior walks, etc.)
         c. To work closely with the City Recreation Department.

    F. Election Committee:
      1. This committee is made up of the appointed Chairperson and volunteer members.
      2. The responsibilities of this Committee shall be the following:
         a. The Election Committee shall recruit nominees for all the elected offices by the October meeting.  The Chair of the Election Committee will announce all the nominees at the October meeting and ask for nominations from the floor.
         b. The Election Committee shall take all the nominations and prepare a ballot which will be enclosed with the November minutes.
         c. The election of officers shall be conducted by ballot at the November meeting of SSCAA.  (Members may mail their ballots before the November meeting or bring them to the meeting.)
         d. Nominees receiving a plurality of the votes cast are elected.
         e. New officers shall be installed at the first meeting in January.

    G. Ad Hoc Committees:
      1. Special Committees may be established by the Executive Committee to undertake specific projects.  The chairpersons of such committees shall report regularly to the Executive Committee and be voting members of that body.  Chairpersons of Special Committees shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Board.
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Article VII, Dues:
      The SSCAA dues for the following business year will be set by the Executive Committee at its November meeting.  Dues shall be paid annually per household payable on January 1.  (Dues were set at $5 per household and $25 for commercial.)
Article VIII, Meetings:
    A. General Provisions:
      1. Regular general meetings shall normally be held on the second Thursday of every month from October through May, then meet once during the summer
      2. The members in attendance constitute a quorum for all general meetings of the SSCAA.
      3. Official decisions at general meetings will be made by the majority of the membership present.
      4. Special meetings of the SSCAA, in addition to those regularly scheduled, may be called by the President with the approval of the Executive Board.

    B. Procedures:
      Roberts Rules of Order, Revised, is the guide for questions of procedure not otherwise stated in these By-Laws.

Article IX, Nondiscrimination:
      The SSCAA shall not discriminate in any of its actions and programs on the basis of race, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual preference, age or handicapping condition.

Article X, Amendments:
      Any member of the SSCAA may submit in writing proposed amendments to the Executive Committee. After approval by the Executive Committee, proposed amendments shall be presented to the membership 30 days in advance of the general or special meeting at which the vote will be taken. A two-thirds majority of the votes cast is required to amend the Constitution and By-Laws.