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Welcome to the website of the Near Eastside Neighborhood Association, an association dedicated to the preservation of the near eastside residential area and the enhancement of its livability.

The association seeks, among other goals, to promote the neighborhood's health and safety, to protects its physical attractiveness and historic character, and to promote a sense of community and courtesy among its residents.

Monthly (September to May) meetings are held on a variety of topics. Additional events include potluck suppers, yard sales, historic homes tours, and neighborhood clean-ups.

The Near Eastside neighborhood is defined as the area bounded by East State Street on the west; Patton, Arden, and Woodside Street on the north; Home Street on the east; and Morris Avenue, Grant, Campbell, Ondis, Bolleana, and Campbell Streets on the south.

Membership in the association costs $10.00 per year per household. For additional information on membership, contact any officer (click on "Officers" in the panel on the left).

A portion of the Near Eastside Neighborhood has been designated a National Historic District. This includes parts of East State Street and the upper two blocks of Elmwood Place.

Among the homes which are included in this area are these four:

home 2

home 4

home 9

home 6