Rehabilitation and Correction - Continuous Postings
ATTN: Recruitment Section, 1050 Freeway Drive, North, Columbus, OH 43229-5411

JOB CLASSIFICATION: Librarian 2 Degreed (64314)
SALARY: $14.49/Hr. 
POSITION NUMBER (PCN): PCN not available
SEND APPLICATIONS TO: Use address above
DATE POSTED:          DEADLINE:  Until Filled

A proficiency/skills assessment may be given as part of the interview process

This is a full-time, permanent, bargaining unit, classified position (may include lateral transfer bids).

Minimum Qualifications:  Masters degree in library science, including 1 course in library organization/administration; 3 courses or 9 mos. Experience in subject area of the special library.

County Name: Statewide

All Applications Must Clearly Indicate How The Minimum Qualifications Are Met.
Applications Which Do Not, Will Not Be Given Consideration

Please Submit a separate application for each posting
with the Job Classification Title and the Position Control Number listed.
The State of Ohio is an equal opportunity employer.

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Each state agency has its own hiring authority. Thus, once you have submitted the
completed application, all questions concerning the hiring process
(the status of an application, interview information, etc.) should be directed to that
agency's human resource office. The phone number is on the job listing
under the name of the agency.
If you need information about minimum qualifications and/or
job descriptions for a current job posting, please call
the Centralized Recruitment Office at (614) 466-4026 or
(800) 644-6562 (in Ohio only). A recruiter is available to
assist you from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM (EST).
For other questions, please contact one of the recruiters listed below:

Penny Purviance, Manager
(614) 466-7236
Joe Ann Lucas, Recruiter (614)  466-7832
Joyce Mitchell, Recruiter
(614) 466-6833