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What is the Jail Project?
The MCPL Jail Library Project is a cooperative agreement between the Monroe County Correctional Center and the Monroe County Public Library. This service allows the library to adequately serve jail inmates. The Monroe County Correctional Center provides the space for the library within the center, as well as funds for books and other library materials. The Monroe County Public Library provides staff members to open the library three afternoons a week and order the materials.

Why provide library service to jails?
Most of the explosive situations which occur in local jails stem from prisoner idleness and boredom.


Library service aids the jail administration in complying with standards. Library service also helps ease some of the stress caused by incarceration and overcrowding. All parties benefit from jail library service.

How Often Is It Used?
Last year, over 3,000 patrons used the Jail Library, 25% more than in 1996. They checked out 13,521 items.

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