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A gateway to that branch of Special Librarianship dealing with library services to the incarcerated in the United States and Canada. International librarianship links (IFLA, LA/PLG, etc.) with similar focus will "globalize" this site. Correctional librarianship in the USA would be dull without its unique - "access to the court" - service provision requirements.

We welcome comments, additions, links, etc. to enhance this prototype website. Thank you for your interest.

DISCLAIMER: Opinions therein should not be construed as representing the views of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction/Ohio Central School System / Library Services.

Contact: Michel S. Perdreau MLS

Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies
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Internet Library for Librarians
Education and Job Training
Arkansas Department of Correction School District
Correctional Education Network
Magistrate Judge Links
CURE - Ohio - Prisoners Support Group
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Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections
AELE Law Library of Case Summaries
Ministry of Justice -  France
Federal Bureau of Prisons Library
Ohio Law Schools
Law Library Service to Prisoners
Le Monde diplomatique special edition
Lewis, Director, Arizona Department of Corrections, et al. v. Casey et al. (access to the courts)
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International Perspectives on Correctional Privatization
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Spiritual Freedom in Prison Bibliography
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Disability Resources on the Internet
Librarians FAQ
The Whole Library Handbook
Virtual Reference Desk
Windham School District - Texas
Yahoo News - Prison Issues
Ohio Educational Directory
Ohio Educational Directory Search Engine
Correctional Education Using the Internet
Prisoners' Right of Access to the Courts: Law Libraries in U.S. Prisons by Vibeke Lehmann
Jail Library
Job Opportunity - Librarian II (degreed) - continuous posting ODRC
The Prison-Industrial Complex by Eric Schlosser (Atlantic Monthly, 12/98)
Law Libraries in U.S. Prisons
Ohio Institution Libraries
Changing Lives through Literature (Alternative Sentencing)
A Prisoner's Dictionary
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Law Library Service to Prisoners Bibliography
Education as Crime Prevention
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