CAN On-line Conference (NEW)

Hosted by ACEnet, the CAN on-line conference is a means for groups throughout the Central Applachians to communicate and coordinate using an interactive on-line medium. It offers users the advantage of seeing earlier posts all in one location and easily accessible.

Participants can create topics, edit their posts, and post links to web-sites.We just established it, so feel free to get on and experiment! The goal now is for participants to become comfortable using it.

To try it out, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to SEORFBOARD where the conference is housed.

2. Register. Just choose an easy-to-remember name and password.

3. E-mail your username and password to yourself or write it down! You must remember this password to log on!

4. Go to the "CAN Sustainable" conference.

5. Try things out.

6. Bookmark this site so you can go directly into CAN Sustainable!

If you have questions or difficulties, contact Steve Schnell at ACEnet

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