The CANFOR List-serv

Hosted by the Institute for Local Government and Rural Development (ILGARD), the sustainable forest economies list-serv , CANFOR, allows CAN participants to keep in touch with others in the network. It is a means of passing on announcements about CAN events, and other forest economies related events, and resources and opportunities discovered by participant groups.

Beyond announcements, it also can provide a forum for participants to discuss issues, ask questions of other groups, and share ideas. As discussion topics develop we will put into place topic-specific list-servs to allow for more in-depth conversation while keeping the general list-serv low volume.

If you are interested in keeping in touch with CAN activities, take a moment and subscribe to the list-serv.

Question: Who can subscribe to the CANFOR list-serv?

Answer: Members of the Central Appalachian Network, and any other individual interested in issues of concern to our region relating to forest economies who has the use of e-mail.

To subscribe to the CANFOR list-serv:

1. Send an e-mail to

2. Leave subject heading blank

3. In the body of the message type:

subscribe canfor you@your.address

(put in your address for you@your address)

4. You will receive a message back from the list-serv letting you know you are subscribed.

5. Send a brief message to the list-serv introducing yourself. A paragraph would be fine, though feel free to give a fuller introduction. This will let you try out sending a message, and will give people a sense of what projects people are working on. Feel free to send the URL of your web site if you have one.

To send a message to CANFOR list-serv

1. Send your message to as you would to an individual. The list-serv then mails it to all participants.

If you have questions or difficulties, contact Colin Donohue at Rural Action at

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