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The Central Appalachian Network's Sustainable Forest Economies working group fosters regional information sharing, networking, and collaboration among community development NGO's, government agencies, forest products industries, environmental groups, and academic institutions. Interests of participant groups include adding economic value to wood through secondary manufacturing, certification of low-impact timber harvesting, development of sustainable non-timber forest products, forest health research, and public policy. For founding members see CAN Steering Committee.

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Periodic meetings are supplemented by on-line communications, with general e-mail list-servs used for announcements and preliminary discussions, and with in-depth discussions moving to focused list-servs and on-line conferencing. Technical assistance is available free of charge to enable groups to participate in on-line communication, and periodic trainings are offered to introduce new groups to the Internet and upgrade experienced groups' skills.

If you wish to participate in the next CAN SFE meeting, contact Colin Donohue at Rural Action, or (614)593-7490

If you wish to find out more about CAN or to get involved with other CAN activities, contact Karen Rice at Center for Economic Options karen_rice@citynet.netor (304) 345-1298


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