William House

My research in the Archives of Alden Library led me to several newspaper articles about sites in Athens County and this home was one that was mentioned in the following article. This article appeared in the Athens Messenger and was titled, Home Near Wood Lake Was Underground Station, by C.H. Harris. The house mentioned is in Alexander Township and was built by Nicholas Misner in the early 1800's. On the first floor in one of the rooms without windows was a concealed trap door. This led to a stone room in the cellar where fugitves were housed and able to get food and rest.

During my visit to the site I was able to discover that although the house is unoccupied today, it is still standing. Mrs. Wood informed me that I was at the site in the article, although there was some dispute in the family as to if this was really the house used in the underground railroad. The floor boards had fallen out on both the first and second floors. Looking through the window I was able to see the support for steps under the first floor. Due to the location in the house I believe that these may have been the steps leading to the stone room in the cellar.

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