Whitmore House

This sitewas located by reading newspaper articles in the Archives of Alden Library. In The Athens Messenger article titled, A Tunnel Was Built For Runaway Slaves, C.H. Harris said that a house in York Township was built by Aaron Whitmore in 1843. The home contained a hidden tunnel, but very few people knew of it. It's existance was proved by the operators of a steam shovel in a strip mining operation. They were able to use the tunnel for their work. Their work also unearthed some of the tunnel though. Some pieces of the old planks were saved.

Although a local source informed me that the house burned a couple years ago, the Messenger article states that "On the stone set high in the rear wall of the Whitmore home, which is on Happy Hollow Road just outside Buchtel are the letters 'A. and B.W. 1943,' for Aaron Whitmore and his wife."

The article also reported that, "There was a water well and a dry well in the yard. The dry well extended down to the No.7 seam of coal. From the bottom of the well a tunnel, or gallery, about four feet wide and lined with heavy planks led to below the edge of the hill near the house, and its exit was in the deep woods. Through this gallery runaway slaves could be and were spirited away when searching parties came to the Whitmore home."

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