Misc. Sites

While researching in the Archives at Alden Library, several sites were mentioned that I was unable to locate. The article, Hiding Place For Runaway Slaves, by C. H. Harris from the Athens Messenger, mentioned Eli Brown of Ames Township and William Walker who lived just off Richland Ave. at the edge of Athens who hid fugitives in corncribs and strawstacks. Harris also noted that nearly every home in Albany was open to fugitives.

A site in Ames Township was also referred to in the article, Hiding Place For Runaway Slaves, by C. H. Harris. This home is supposed to be located along Route 280 and used to contain a trap door in the closet.

In the book,The History of Coolville, by Agnes Hill, a slave tunnell was mentioned. This tunnell began in a cave on the old Runyon property and supposedly opened into the basement of the old Sarson's Grocery, now know as Root's.

While talking with Donna Jago of Amesville I learned of a stone in the cemetary on County Road 94 that was marked as a runaway slaves burial site. Jack Eddy of Amesville mentioned a hill in Troy Township that was known as Nigger Run Hill because of the fugitives that used to travel it.

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