Harold's Mill

Present Day White's Mill


Old Harold Mill

This mill was my second discovery. While reading Wilber Sieburt's Mysteries of Ohio's Underground Railroad, I found many names of conductors in Athens County, but the actual sites were not layed out. The name Joseph Harold and his flour mill, just outside of Athens, turned out to be enough information for this particular site. I was able to look on an 1875 plat map and find that this mill was in the same location as the present day White's Mill. Further research led me to discover that the original mill that housed fugitives was destroyed in a flood in the early 1900's. So, though the mill would have been at a very close location to White's Mill, it was a different building.

Fugitives were housed in the attic of this mill. After dark they were then moved either east, through Amesville, Chester Hill, Pennsville and McConnellsville, or northwest to a stop beyond Logan and then on to Lancaster.

Pictures of present day White's Mill!

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