The Underground Railroad

The Role of Athens and Washington Counties (Ohio)


During my senior year of high school, I took the class Senior Projects, then a pilot class at Federal Hocking High School. In this class we were able to pick a topic of our choice and do a project with it. I chose the Underground Railroad in Athens County. For my project I researched sites on the Underground Railroad around our county. To see my research results check out my map of Sites in Athens County. This link will also give you the details on how I obtained the information.

During the first semester of my senior year in English 12, I wrote a paper on the Underground Railroad in Washington County in preparation for this class. Writing this paper enabled me to see how the research was done to find sites. I worked under the direction of Mr. Henry Burke, a local historian, to write a research paper documenting three sites a fugitive may have stopped at and the conductors that ran these stops. This paper is titled _The Underground Railroad in Washington County_ and can be read by section by going to the Table of Contents, or in its entirety by going to Research Paper.


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