Vernon Castle
13 West Washington Street, Suite 100
Athens, Ohio  45701
(740) 593-6633
Fax: (740) 594-1374



web: http://www.

  • Provide law enforcement services to Athens County, Ohio
  • Requires high school diploma or GED, basic police training course provided through Ohio Attorney General's Office, no criminal record.
  • Skills include math, computer, communications and interpersonal skills, good marksmanship, self-defense, driving.
  • Typical day varies but may include meeting the public, issuing citations for violations of the law, giving testimony in court, investigating crimes, receiving training, filing necessary forms and reports..

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This company supports the STW program by answering student questions, being a school guest speaker, hosting student visitors for shadowing or career days, being a mentor for a middle/high school student.

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