Henry Burke and Michel Perdreau

Local historians Henry Burke and Michel Perdreau have been working for several years to document the history of African-Americans in southeastern Ohio. It's work that has taken them to schools and libraries, court houses, and to many private homes. Henry is President of the Underground Railroad Research Center of Southeastern Ohio. Michel has had a longtime involvement in studying southeastern Ohio's history.

In this series of three interviews, recorded in February 1997 on Ohio University Public Radio's AM Athens, Henry and Michel talk with host Connie Stevens about their research, and about the remarkably rich history of people and events that their efforts are now bringing to light.

Part One: Henry and Michel introduce themselves, and talk about the work they've been doing to document African-American history in southeastern Ohio.
Part Two: A discussion of the underground railroad in Ohio and other northern states. Southeastern Ohio had a number of "stops" on the railroad, which are only now becoming well known.
Part Three: Henry and Michel talk about how they are taking this history to schools and community groups, in an effort to preserve it. They also discuss how they locate documents that help them tell this story.
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