Source: The Genius of Universal Emancipation, March 31st, 1827


We the people of color, of the town of Chillicothe, having for a long time looked around us with heart rending sensations upon the ignorant condition in which our children are growing up; and being sensible that it is in a great measure owing to the want of a religious education, that so many deviations from the paths of rectitude, both in our families and in society in general are committed; have thought proper to form ourselves into a society, for the purpose, as far as it is in our power, of dispersing this moral gloom, and prepare our children with dignity and prosperity to pass through the vicissitudes of life.

At a meeting, held on Monday evening, February 20th, 1827; on motion, Mr. Lewis Woodson was called to the chair; and Mr. Wm. Dailey appointed secretary.

After the bye-laws and constitution were read and adopted, it was Resolved, that the Rev. William Graham deliver an address to the society on the second Monday of April, at the Presbyterian Church, at 11 o'clock, A. M., at which time there will be a collection lifted to aid the society, to carry the above laudable project into operation -- where the citizens of Chillicothe, both white and colored, are respectfully invited to attend; and all others who may feel disposed to aid us in such a laudable object.


William Dailey, Secretary.


Note: Wm. Dailey, Afro-American Revolutionary War Soldier
Ross Co. Register of Blacks, Recorded Jan. 25, 1807 (p. 119)
Died June 21 1850 at 90 years of age !

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