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    09/27/96 Added the first pages from Lisa's Lisa Diary and thought you would like to see what I get to work and how it will look after I make it more presentable. Still looking for helpers. Amber, you interested?
    08/28/96 added some new mug shots of the TP fire department. Look for David Draper, Greg Carpenter, Jason Hager, Jeanie Weeks, Jeff Rose, Kyle Buchanan, Rob Hawk and Jim Watson if you have a graphical browser.

    No word from Lisa. First day of school or seeing her homepage must have done her in.

    08/26/96 First day back to school! Added a few new faces to the TP fire department. If you have a graphical browser, check out the mug shots I have of Brian Bissell, Bernard Bobo, Mark Boyd, Chad Griffith and Ron Coen. They also gave me a photo of Engine 83.

    Intend to add a 'diary' from the high school. Lisa Stethem has graciously volunteered to be one of the Eastern SIG representatives this year.

    08/25/96 added the latest to the technology pages (must reading if interested in such happenings) and a few days ago added Lisa Stethem and Anna Wolf to the people pages.

    I promise that tomorrow I'll add the latest from the Tuppers Plains fire department. Chad has given me the disk (full of pictures of your hometown firefighters). Be sure to see to check back tomorrow (right after school). :)

    08/15/96 if you have the time I've got a picture of a 3D Watch that will knock you socks off. WARNING: it is a large file.

    Added e-mail address for Amber Fortney and homepages of Jamie and Christy Drake. Check them out and say hi.

    07/22/96 added a local People directory. Location: local area, people.
    07/11/96 dropped the community calendar and added the Technology at Eastern page. Location: Eastern Homepage
    07/08/96 changed the What's New pointer to Yahoo instead of NSCA which discontinued new service after 6/30/96 but still retains some great archives.
    06/18/96 added Best of the New: Career Sites. Location: after school
    05/30/96 great day! Added a Tale of Wonder which contains folk stories and fairy tales from around the world. Locations: Chester, Riverview and Tuppers Plains Elementary. Also.. added Tic Tac Toe. If you have a 32 bit browser you can take a look at what Java is all about
    05/29/96 added the image of an eagle to the homepage and the Tuppers Plains Fire Department Logo for those of you who have graphic browsers. Location: first page of Eastern homepage
    05/09/95 added background color to homepage and revised slightly. Added pictures to Charlie Weber's description of Tuppers Plains Location: local area, local community, Tuppers Plains
    03/15/96 added a link by Yinon Bentor, an 8th grade student who did the Periodic Table of Elements for a science fair project! Also dropped the Eastern High calendar. Location: Eastern High
    03/12/96 added statistics for 8th grade boys basketball. Location: Eastern Junior High, basketball
    03/08/96 added the Internet University, a fun place showing loads of technology. Best with a good browser. Location: after school.
    03/01/96 created March calendar. Location: first page of Eastern homepage
    02/29/96 interesting date! So.. I went for something whimsical and found The Significance of the Martian Frontier (~35k) and added a section to the after school page called fun and interesting topics. Location: after school
    02/25/96 added Politics , an interesting subject for this year. Location: third pages of Eastern homepage
    02/24/96 added a page for the volunteer Fire and Emergency departments at Tuppers Plains. Location: local area, local organizations
    02/23/96 added the Altavista search engine by Digital. Location: third page of Eastern homepage
    02/16/96 revised EHS basketball page to separate boys and girls schedules. Location: Eastern High, basketball
    02/15/96 added The College Prep Page maintained by David Riggins. Location: after school
    02/10/96 added Meigs County 4-H by Debbie Drake. Location: local area, local organizations
    02/09/96 added EHS Girls Basketball statistics by Scott Wolfe. Location: Eastern High, basketball, girls statistics
    02/01/96 added 'What's new at Eastern', pointed calendar to February, added Freenets & Community Networks Homepage. Location: second page of Eastern homepage
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