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  • Tuppers Plains

    Submitted by Charlie Weber August 30, 1995

    In the early years Tuppers Plains was know as Martinsville, named after John Martin , who was the operator of a mill in the village. The Town was later named Tuppers Plains after the man who first surveyed the town, Edward Tupper. In addition Martinsville was very boastful of the Plains Seminary, [Seminary JPG] which was established in 1860 and remained until 1913 when it was torn down. The Seminary was established before the Civil War by Captain Edwin Keyes, he conducted the Seminary for two years and then answered the call to serve his country leaving his sister, Martha Keyes, to run the institution. The school was sold various times over the years. Prior to the schools final semester, which was in the year of 1883, they had an enrollment of 112 students. In 1914 the lumber from the Seminary was used by C. F. Keller in building the Young Brothers and Keller, Cash Store, on the corner of [Route #7 JPG] and 681, which is the current location of the BP Station.. After a fire destroyed the school classes were conducted over the store for a period of time. In addition to the Seminary Tuppers Plains could boast of the Hotel Matlack and the W. E. Matlack General Store. The Hotel was built before the Civil War. Many drummers, academy students and travelers rested in its shelter. Hotel Matlack was kept in operation until about 1930, after which it was used as a private dwelling unit.

    More pictures of the Young brothers and an old church [Old Church JPG]

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