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The Learning Community Link
- Rivers Project -

The LCL - Rivers Project is an Ohio SchooNet Prototype and collaborative effort of teachers from the Athens City, Columbus Public, Dawson-Bryant Local, and the Ironton City Schools with support and guidance from Ohio Unversity. It is funded by Ohio Department of Education Goals 2000 and Ameritech Advantage Ohio grants.

Be certain to put your two cents in at our web caucus Conference Site.

If you haven't registered for the conference yet, choose this link to enter a username and password. Register now. Once you've registered, list the conferences and pick LCL Rivers.

Here's an exciting new link to a wonderful resource for uptodate information about what's happening in Ohio's Government. It has full text searches of bills before the legislature, decisions in our courts, newsletter summaries of what's happening in legislation about Education, the Environment, and much more. This resource is Hannah Online. When you choose this link, logon as Username:OHDEMO27 and use Password:FRANTIC.

Soon, you'll be able to use this Order Form to use for sending in materials orders:

Materials Order Form
No sooner had we completed our planning workshops held at Ohio University July 22 - August 2, than the Middle School Group had its initial set of web pages ready for posting.

An initial set of links:

River Resources Page
Marietta History
Marietta River Walk
Mark Twain

This file last revised: 25 July 1996