Discussion about components of a training model-

Districts share common issues and problems regarding telecommunications training for their staffs-

Where to start? How to get access at each district's building?

Suggested Approach for Training-

Themed modules along the case model lines Modules will be one to several hours long All lessons and materials will be on SEORF in a SIG This will be expandable and new resources will be added as discovered This Training SIG will reflect our similar interests and problems It can point to other resources on other systems

Module Topics -

Issues of access Netiquette and Appropriate Use Basic skills - different interfaces, keyboarding, other means of connecting Advanced skills - downloading, file management Subject (Curriculum) Area specific resources Library module Information Evaluation Module - How can we choose from the info-feast wisely

Examples from the agenda of Bob Tripp's classes -

length 1 1/2 - 2 hours group shares problems and successes new skills are introduced participants practice new skills using a task outline that offers choices that address the skill to learn success is assessed using the skill taught

Case Module Model items for consideration -

each should be one page participants will compose ideas for these at home this week create screen overheads on disk that can be viewed by learners