Interesting Sites for Education and Curricular Development

Just in time for the 1996 National Elections is this opportunity to participate in an on-line elections forum. Make this link to visit the Tele-Elections '96 Homepage.

Two sites suggested by Pam Harden show how access to original source materials can enrich one's teaching practice and is made much easier via the Internet:

Civil War Letters Home
United States Holocaust Museum
Here are three that relate to educational issues. One offers the latest in school and curriculum research and reform from NCREL; the second site is the creation of an organization called Children Now, an advocacy group for children; and the third links to sites on the WEB of interest to and supported by K-12 Schools:

Pathways to School Improvement
Children Now
K-12 Hotlist

Check out the incredibly useful newsletter coming out of Washington state. It's called "From Now On." Here is a thoughtful newsletter on many of the issues and policies you face as a point person for technology in schools.They also have links to other useful resources dealing with internet use in schools. If you do not have use policies in place, then check out their case study section. It is an eye opener about the possible nightmares and pitfalls that await the unprepared.

And here's a site for frequent updates on what's new and exciting from the Wide World Web to e-Mail Discussion groups:

The next four sites relate to the particular tasks we're unertaking here in developing training practices and guidelines for acceptable use and supporting users of this dynamic sea of information:

And, naturally, a way to get to SEOVEC...

This is a link to the SEOVEC system. DO NOT USE IT UNLESS YOU ARE AN ACCOUNT HOLDER ON THAT SYSTEM - or you may find yourself "stuck."
*TEL*Telnet to SEOVEC
SEOVEC Internet Application
SEOVEC General System Information
Link to Resources for Teachers and Educational Technology. Brought to you by Federal Hocking Local Schools
Here are some references to Women's Resources on the Internet that may be of interest to a number of our members: