ETSEO's and SEOVEC's - Workshop to Train Internet Access
           Porter Building Tri-County Joint Vocational School

Goals- Week 1 - Saturday 13 May 1995

1.   Participants will acquire and/or demonstrate basic
     skills in using computer mediated communications:
     a.   They will log on to the SEOVEC and SEORF systems;
          describe what is meant by User_Name and Login;
          explain rules of thumb associated with password
          entry and choices; identify the options available
          to users at the first login screen and how to get
     b.   They will describe features of the user interface
          on each system - how to move from screen to
          screen, menu structures, how to make selections,
          how to quit.
     c.   They will possess the following skills related to
          e-mail on the SEOVEC and SEORF systems:
          i.   Describe the information displayed in the
               message listing.
          ii.  Read, reply to, and send mail messages.
          iii. Save and delete mail messages.
          iv.  Explain the basic structure of e-mail
          v.   Create and use aliases.
     d.   They will discuss characteristics of the
          electronic discussion forums, News and Listservs.
     e.   They will show how to locate and access
     information on remote computers using for locating the
     information -
          i.   Browsing the menus
          ii.  Subject oriented servers - Yahoo, Yanoff's,
               Rice University's, LC Marvel, UC Irvine, etc.
          iii. Search engines - Webcrawlers, Jughead,
               Veronica, etc.
          iv.  Interesting site services - Info-Scout, UMich
     and for getting at the information -
          v.   Gopher and Lynx browsers
          vi.  Telnet
          vii. Direct entry of URL's
          viii. Printing, downloading, and screen captures
     f. They will describe real-time chat activities.

2.   Participants will discuss the issues surrounding access
     to telecommunications services in their schools and
     communities and the evolving infrastructure.

3.   Participants will discuss and create a model for
     training their staff, students, and community members
     to use computer mediated communications.

Goals     - Week 2 - Saturday 20 May 1995

1.   Participants will acquire and demonstrate more advanced
     skills using computer mediated communications.  These
     will include
     a.   File management on a remote computer
     b.   Customizing their user interface
     c.   Mastery of uploading and downloading text and
          binary files
     d.   Designing and creating simple HTML documents

2.   Participants will discuss and create 'cases' for
     educators' using computer mediated communications.

3.   Participants will discuss the issues relating to
     telecommunications access in their schools and
     communities and create model 'acceptable use policies.'

4.   Participants will refine and practice using the
     training model created over the course of this

5.   Participants will discuss and plan for addressing the
     issues of continuing user support.