SEORFing for Educators: A Workshop on Computer Mediated Communications for Federal Hocking Teachers

Members of this Class

Session I - 4:00-8:00pm Friday 6 December 1996

4:00p		Introductions and Goals of the Workshop

4:15p		Networks, the Internet, and Logging On

4:45p		User Interface Issues - Graphical vs. Text-based Environments
			Terminals vs. Computers
			SEORF, Lynx, Elm, Pico
			A Structural Map of SEORF

5:30p		Break

5:45p		E-mail Basics

6:45p		Supper Break

7:15p		E-mail Mastery

7:45p		Introducing the Wide World Web: an Overview of Session II

8:00p		Adjourn

Session II - 8:00am-4:00pm Saturday 7 December 1996

8:00a		Review of Friday’s Activities and Preview of Saturday’s

8:30a		Navigating the Wide World Web
			Hypertext and Hypermedia - What the Web Serves
			Using Lynx, a Text-based Browser
			Using Netscape, a Graphical Browser

10:00a		Break

10:15a		Support Sites on the Web
			Internic - The Scout Report, Net Happenings, RoadMap ‘96
			Arlene Rinaldi’s Netiquette Site

11:00a		Using Search Engines and BookMarks

11:30a		Web Publishing: A First Taste of HTML
			Structure of a Web Page with Examples
			Creating a Simple HTML Document

12:00n	Lunch

1:00p		HTML II
			Web Page Formatting Tools
			Adding Links

2:45p		Break

3:00p		Conferencing on SEORF: the Caucus Software
			Rationale for Conferences
			How Caucus Works

3:45p		Review and Evaluation

4:00p		Adjourn