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This is the WEBS Women's Center Homepage. The purpose of the page is to be a resource for assisting the women of Southeast Ohio. Perhaps we have too much stuff here, perhaps not enough. Maybe just not what you need. Whatever the case, drop us a line at the bottom of any page. We'll try to accommodate.

Here are the basic categories of information available:

About This Site
Explains what this site is about.
Abouts WEBS
Tells about WEBS Women's Center in Athens, Ohio.
Provides local, regional and national resources for the astute business women, including training, support groups, and professional and trade organizations and associations for a wide variety of careers.
For the woman with smarts who wants to utilize them.
Entertainment & Recreation
Fun and games
Events Here and Elsewhere
What's going on in Southeast Ohio and elsewhere.
Cradle to grave and everything you need to know in between.
...of, by, and for the women....
An apple a day and then some.
Legislation & Law
Remember Saturday morning TV? This is how a bill becomes a law and how YOU can be part of that process. There's also some law and legal items included at the end.
Our resident smoke-filled back room.
Social Services
Social service agencies which help women in Southeast Ohio and nationally.
Providing for our future.

Other areas you may find interesting.
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Last Updated:  5 May 1999