'g' to go to a NewsGroup
Using the astrisks - *
Posting to a Newsgroup

Using 'g' to Go to a NewsGroup

You can jump directly to a known NewsGroup by typing 'g' and typing 'news:' before you type the name of the NewsGroup. [i.e. news:rec.pets.cats ]

Using the Asterisks*

UseNet is like ChitChat and other SEORF NewsGroups, only global. Thousands of discussions are taking place world-wide on UseNet constantly. To see all the UseNet newsgroups available on SEORF simply tupe: 'g' then 'news:*' [Do not type ' ' ] Newsgroups are organized in different heirarchies such as: alt. soc. misc. news. etc. For example, to see all the alt newsgroups type: 'g' then 'news:alt*'

Posting to a NewsGroup

Posting a message to a NewsGroup is very similar to sending email. You use the same 'PICO' text editor that you use in SEORF's email program, called 'ELM'. Here's how you do it: Go to your favorite NewsGroup (i.e. rec.pets.cats) and hit the space-bar or the number 1 until you are at the bottom of the menu screen. You will see 'Post to rec.pets.cats', please hit return/enter or right-arrow key. Then you will see: ______________________________________________________________________ You will be posting to: rec.pets.cats Please enter a subject line Subject: ______________________________________________________________________ And this is where you type in the subject that you wish to discuss on the NewsGroup, much like the subject heading in email. After you type the subject in and hit return/enter you will be thrown into the 'PICO' editor. At this point type your message and then type control-x, just like in email. You will be then asked: ______________________________________________________________________ Post this message? (y/n) ______________________________________________________________________ Then, if you *really* want to send this message to the entire planet to read, type 'y' for yes, if you think not, type 'n' for no.