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Visit the state's web site for more state information. You can also visit DNet and SmartVoter to get election information.
Below is more detailed information about these web sites.

Other ways to contact the League of Women Voters of Ohio:

By Mail:
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17 South High Street, Suite 650
(614) 469-1505
Columbus, Ohio 43215-3413


LWVO Web Site Usage:

Almost 26,500 page views in the month of October
Over 38,200 page views in the month of November

50-60%* of visitors were seeking information about Election 2000 (including boards of elections, voting process, and the electoral college), but others were interested in League action, League projects, and the organization's history.

*These percentagtes do not include visits to League's homepage, which had links to DNet and SmartVoter.

DNet Usage (nationally):

Over 289,000 page views and up to 27,000 page views per hour on Election day
Over 1 million page views in the first week of November
1.2 million page views in the month of October

SmartVoter Usage:

SmartVoter was accessed over 78,850 times during the General Election season (August - November)
54% of information requests dealt with voter registration, voting process, and absentee ballots

Thank you for your interest in the League of Women Voters!

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