Do you have any fears??

find out their real names (if they were cool enough to make the list!)

Aulophobia-fear of flutes
Acerophobia-fear of sourness
Agrizoophobia-fear of wild animals
Agyrophobia-fear of crossing the street
Ailurophobia-fear of cats
Aliktorophobia-the fear of chickens
Alliumphobia-the fear of garlic
Amnesiphobia-the fear of amnesia
Amychophobia-the fear of being scratched
Androphobia-the fear of men
Anglophobia-the fear of England
Anthrophobia-the fear of flowers
Anuptaphobia-the fear of being single
Arithmaphobia-the fear of numbers
Atomosophobia-the fear of atomic explosions
Bogyphobia-the fear of the bogeyman
Carnophobia-the fear of meat
Chaetophobia-the fear of hair
Chorophobia-the fear of dancing
Cyberphobia-the fear of computers
Dementophobia-the fear of insanity
Dutchphobia-the fear of the Dutch
Ecclesiophobia-the fear of church
Francophobia-the fear of France
Gerontophobia-the fear of old people
Lachanophobia-the fear of vegetables
Nomatophobia-the fear of names
Novercaphobia-the fear of mother-in-laws
Octophobia-the fear of the figure 8
Ostraconophobia-the fear of shellfish
Pantophobia-the fear of everything
Papaphobia-the fear of the Pope
Papyrphobia-the fear of paper
Peladophobia-the fear of bald people
Phagophobian-the fear of being eaten
Pogonophobia-the fear of beards
Teutophobia-the fear of Germany
Xanthophobia-the fear of the color yellow
Zemmiphobia-the fear of the great mole rat.
Ambulophobia-the fear of walking
Apiophobia-the fear of bees
Barophobia-the fear of gravity
Bathophobia-the fear of bathing
Blenrophobia-the fear of slime
Cathisophobia-the fear of sitting down
Chthonophobia-the fear of eating dirt
Clinophobia-the fear of going to bed
Equinophobia-the fear of horses
Erythrophobia-the fear of red lights
Friggaphobia-the fear of Fridays

more coming soon...