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High school Junior, Age 24

Did the title catch your attention? Well, if you're a fan of the Internet, and rockin' parties, then you'll find that a special place in you heart is reserved for this website.

I am a high school student somewhere in America. Even though I'm a 24-year old Junior in high school, that doesn't mean I'm dumb. My brain-fixer (my mom calls 'im the sikeologist or something) says that if my IQ were twice as high, I might be as smart as my dog. I don't know, though. Fluffy sure does know how to scratch himself. My interests (I am sure you are dying to know) are sports--basketball, baseball, football, tennis, car racing--music, books, and future world domination. . . Oh, sorry, forget I said that last one. Don't be fooled by the seemingly complete party atmosphere produced by this Unofficial Internet Party Homepage. You can see, with further inspection, that this site is highly intellectual. We have an online wet tee shirt contest everyday at three. Don't forget it.

  1. Rockin' Subjects
    1. The World Champion Chicago Bulls
    2. My Phat Dog Fluffy
    3. Party Pumpin' Simpsons Page
    4. Music
    5. "The Cracker" Club Official Homepage
    6. Links to other Rockin' Internet Pages

    • My Extra Activities
      Phat, Rockin' Internet Party
      n. a celebration of online celebrators who enjoy spending celebratory time in a rockin', party atmosphere without consequences

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