Hello, and welcome to the world of Emily!!! As you know by coming here my name is Emily Snider. I am a Senior at Ohio Dominican University in Columbus. Thank goodness only one more year!!College life is so much better then high school. There are no subs!!!! Well anywho go where you would like and visit all ya want. Enjoy!!!

I just added a new page.....The Crew at ODU Check it OUT!!!!

ME-learn more about me

THE CREW-My Friends from High School.

The Crew at ODU-My Friends up here at Ohio Dominican

HOMEPAGES-My Friend's homepages.

QUOTES-Some of My Favorite Quotes.

MORE QUOTES-Some more of my Favorite Quotes.

WILL YOU REMEMBER ME?-This was played at Ross' funeral.

MEMORIES-This is another song that was played at Ross' funeral.

THE WALL-Just a litle place to chat or whatever if you are on seorf!

I'm still working on my page......so new things will be added soon ok??? Come back and check. I just got my homepage put back up so hopefully there are some new things on here for you to see or read. Enjoy!!!!

Last Updated: June 15, 2004