Feel the Terror!

This is my tribute to horror, Sci-Fi, and B-movies. On this page you'll find some links to sights that I think bring out the true spirit of low budgit films and cheesy horror. One day I might actually build up enough info to make a site of my own, but for now enjoy these links.

The Bruce Campbell Page: A GOD!! The B-movie king! Keep up to date on all the important Bruce happinings!

The House Of Horrors: Spooky stuff here....Oooo bad movies...scary...You never know whats lurking around the corner!

Troma Entertainment: The leader in making the worst movies ever made and the last truly independent film studio left! Troma Team Pictures..the people that brought us The Toxic Avenger and a whole slew of other low budget classics.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Go the Sci-Fi Channel and watch a bad movie courtesy of Mike and the rest of the crew on the Satellite Of Love.

Monstervision: Kick down a few brews and watch some movies with Joe Bob Briggs on this TNT program.

Famous Monsters Of Filmland: All the classic creeps our parents use to have nightmares over. Check out the magazines at your local grocery.

Russ Meyer: Director known for his films of "well endowed" women. Faster Pussycat..KILL KILL, and Beyond The Valley Of The Ultravixens to name a few. The stuff B-movies are made of.

The Offical Dr. Who Homepage: My favorite sci-fi series of all time! I cannon begin to stress the importance this series had on my impressionable young mind.

Blackest Heart Video: Looking for that hard to get splatter flick...You gotta check this out.
Movie Night: How do you rebel aginst high school dances and other social events....why..Movie Night of course! Nerdy anti-social behavior and cherry cola abounds!
The bad movie checklist:
(Some good, all bad...some were harder to sit through than others.)
Due to space restrictions and lack of time and energy, I cannot give a brief description of the movies at this point in the checklist..sorry.

Zombie, Zombie High, I Was A Teenage Zombie, Hard Rock Zombies, Dead Alive, Evil Dead I & II, Army of Darkness, The Video Dead, Day of The Dead, Dawn of The Dead, Night Of The Living Dead (original & '92 Remake), Return Of The Living Dead I-III, Orgy Of The Dead, The Vengeful Dead, Dead End Drive-in, Hellraizer I-IV, Soriety Girls And The Creature from Hell, Nymphoid Barbarians In Dinosaur Hell, Hellroller, Rollerblade, Bleeders, Blood Feast, Blood Dinner, Brain Of Blood, Bordello Of Blood, Blood Salvage, Bloodsuckers From Outerspace, Plan 9 From Outerspace, Killer Clowns From Outerspace, Invasion From The Inner Earth, Killer Nerd, Demons, Demon Knight, Night Of The Demons I-III, Night Of The Creeps, Creeps, Crawlers, Critters I-IV, Goulies I-III, Screamers, Shrieker, Shocker, Phantom, Omen, Tremors, Popcorn, Phantasm I-IV, C.H.U.D. I & II, Ticks, Slugs, Creature, Blue Monkey, Waxworks, Unnamable, Sssssss, Scalps, Lair Of The White Worm, The Nest, The Club, The Hunger, The Howling, The Blob, House I & II, Gor, The Mangler, The Carpenter, The Dentist, The Granny, Rabid Grannys, The Horror Show, Return to Horror High, Rock N Roll Nightmare, Terror On Tour, Terrorvision, The Hills Have Eyes, Frankenstine Island, Bad Channels, The Reanimator, Bride Of Reanimator, Cemetery Man, Near Dawn, Fright Night I & II, Radioactive Dreams, I, Madman, Silent Madness, High Desert Kill, Chopping Mall, Psycho, Psycho Sisters, Auntie May's Meat Pies, Bimbo Movie Bash, Igor And The Lunatics, Slumber Party Massacre I & II, Sleepaway Camp I & III, The Sleeping Car, Nightbreed, 976-Evil, Class of 1999, Vampire Journals, Project Vampire, Vampires, Humanoids From the Deep, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th, Nightmare On Elm Street, Puppet Master IV, The Island Of Dr. Moreau, I Spit On Your Grave, The Toxic Avenger I & II, Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD, The Class Of Nuke'em High, Surf Nazis Must Die, Flesh Gordan, The Curse Of The Queer Wolf, Redneck Zombies, Shockwaves, Funhouse, Basket Case II, ...and many, many more that I can't think of off the top of my head....and more to come soon.

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