World War II


Thank you for visiting my homepage. World War II is of great intrest to me and I hope to present the facts about the war in a basic manner that camn be understood by all audiences, both young and old. This page and connected sites is dedicated to all of those that lived through this great crisis and especially those who foughtin this conflict. There are links to my other pages about related WWII subjects. Click the icon to visit my site about the P51 Mustang

The following is a link to my Luftwaffe homepage. This is not a pro Nazism site, just a site to present the histrorical facts about the Lufftwaffe and their involvement in WWII. Click this image to visit my Luftwaffe Homepage

Below is the link to my Pearl Harbor Home page. This page is dedicated to all of the men and women that died in the suprise attack on Pearl Harbor. This was a truly horrific event that flung our great country into a Global war that would drag out another 4 long years. Click above to visit the Pearl Harbor


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