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      1. Chi-Maine-Angus-Simme-X Bull[Good X for show steers]-You have the Chi for extensive and well-defined muscling. You have the Maine for big rugged bone. You have the Angus for depth of rib and keeps thier higth under control. You have the Simmental for thickness and good hair. If you have all this in a total package you will have the winning combination.
      2. Simmental-[Large meaty kind of a breed]-The Simmental is among the lodest and most widely distributed of all breeds of cattle in the world. Although the first herd book was established in the Swiss Canton of Berne in 1806,there is evidence of large, productive red and white cattle found much earlier in ecclesiasticaland and secular property records of Western Switzerland. These red and white animals were highly sought because of their "rapid growth development; outstanding production of milk,butter,and cheese;and for their use as draft animals." they were known for their imposing starure and excellent dairy qualities.

        you can reach the American Simmental Associationby clicking here.

      3. Chianina-[Large heavy muscled kind of a breed]Until recent times the Chianina were used primarily as draft animals in their homeland. With the advent of modern mechanized farming practices they selection emphasis has been placed on the breeds ability to produce beef. The earlier selection for work animals had produced a very large breed with considerable length of leg,good action,and heavy muscling. Good dispositions were also desired in the draft animals. The later selections for beef production has maintained the size of the breed and improved the rate of growth.
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