The Right Hemisphere

Right Cerebral Hemisphere Functions

Right Parietal Temporal Cortex

Primary Sensory Functions

Sensation of left body
Perception of left visual field
Appreciation of sound from left ear

Cognitive Functions

Spatial orientation
Spatial relations (right-left discrimination)
Sequencing of symbols, objects, and events
Timing and time perception
Music appreciation
Recognition of objects and faces
Geometric communication
Non-verbal communication
Praxias - coordinated motor behavior

Emotional Functions

Primary emotionality
Empathy and comprehension of emotionality
Affective behavior (depression)
Wit and humor

Attentional Functions

Vigilance: alertness - wakefulness (phasic states)
Attentiveness: Right and left space

Primary Visual Imagery

Picture-to-picture storage and representation

Symbolization (symbolic representation)

Picture-to-word storage and representation (understanding the surrounding world)

Right Frontal lobe functions

Fundamental movement of left body
Left voluntary gaze
Motor persistence
Order (formal type: seeing the world as a series of interrelated entities)
Volition - intention ("the will")
Diligence - work ethic - drive
Executive control
Abiding by rules and regulations: (social conduct); reputation