Amanda's First Homepage


I am in seventh grade at Federal Hocking Middle School. I have one older sister in tenth grade at Federal Hocking High School. I used to play baseball when I was younger. I like to play basketball, but not for a team. I have a Calico cat named Missy, I have a Ball Python named Damion. My sister has the snake but I'm not afraid of it. My cat doesn't know what to do about it. We use to have a dog but when we moved we had to get red of her. My sister's name is Christina [she can be nice not all the time though]. Last week we got a puppy the other day and my dad just about her so now we are going to keep her.

This is my 7th grade picture, (It looks very different than I do now)

This is my second grade picture.

This picture shows me at eight months old.

This picture was taken when I was one day old.

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