Jessica's First Homepage

Jessica's First Homepage

Hi, my name is Jessica. I am in the seventh grade at Federal Hocking Middle School, in Stewart Ohio. I like to play basketball, but I'm not on the team, reading, and playing computer games. As you can probably tell, I love cats! I have one older brother, who's in eighth grade. We're both short, and look pretty much the same.

I also have fourteen cats, and two dogs. My dogs are Duke and Brownie. Brownie was a stray, who is now missing one eye. Duke is the sweetest dog. When I feed him, and he steps on my fingers, he licks them. The only cats which are named are the adults, Pequita, Biggen, and Furball. Pequita's the indoors cat. I pick on her all the time. Furball's the mama cat, who just had six kittens, three gray, and three tabby. I haven't decided on their names, yet. We might name four them Mouse, Socks, Chubby, and Hisser. Socks, Chubby, and an unnamed one are the ones Kevin and I play with the most. Biggen, who my dad named, is the biggest tom (that's how he got his name). He's my baby. Of the outdoors cats, he's the only one I can get near. We had kittens last spring, but they don't have names. One is gray, one is splotchy (peach, brown, grey and black). The others ran away. There's another one that's looking alot like Furrball; real fluffy. That one also purrs loud enough to be heard a mile away. She also had kittens. Two black and white, and one tannish.

This is a picture of me from this year.

These are my dogs. The one on the left is Duke. The idiotic-looking one is Brownie. That cat's Furrball, before she developed her "fluff". This was taken during the snowstorm we had in 1994. And that white stuff in the corner is just snow on top of some shrubs.

This is me on my twelfth birthday, when my dad took me fishing at Fox Lake, in Athens.

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