This is Some Poetry that I either Like or Wrote

(Untitled by Angie) (Whenever I'm Alone) (True Love) (The Dream) (Tears)

(Slave of Love) (Romeo) (I Want to Say I Love You)

(Love) (SoulMate) (Next to Me) (My SoulMate)

(My Love For You) (Quiet Love) (Untitled)

(Eternity) (Nightmares) (Tropical Ocean) (All I Need)

(To My Love) (Just an Angel)

	Untitled by Angie

If I told you how I felt, what would you say?
Would you pull me close into your arms,
	or turn and run away?

This is a risk I'm taking,
        Do you understand?
Oh how I long to be at your side,
        Walking hand in hand.

Should I tell that i want you, or not a word?
i'm not sure if I'm ready to have all my feelings heard.

If I tell, will your feelings be the same?
Or will you play me like a pawn in a pathetic love game?

I wish I knew what your reply would be...
I pray, maybe, just maybe, you'd say you love me.


Whenever I'm alone,
I think of you to see,
for you to fill this burning hole inside of me.

Whenever I am sad,
I think of your face,
and tender body I long to embrace.

Whenever I'm in pain,
I think of you to sing,
of the joy to me that you bring.

Whenever I want,
I think of you to be,
here inside my heart with me.

True Love

Sometimes you wish upon a star
And hope that wish comes true.
If I had one wish to wish
I would wish that wish were you.

For I know that I will always smile
Whenever you're around.
You make my heart go crazy
It flutters leaps and bounds.

You banish all my deepest worries
All which make me fret.
Its all the warmth from your kind heart
That lets me forget.

Sometimes it is hard to share my thoughts
Your great understanding makes it easy.
When you gaze deep in my eyes
You make my stomach so very queasy.

With you, I feel at one with myself
My life finally has meaning.
If you were to go I'd make you stay
With all my begging, pleading.

At times we have our disagreements
And more are still to come.
But I want to be right there beside you
To work them out one by one.

We have changed each other's lives day by day
Maybe eventually year by year.
I hope always to my heart
That you will remain this dear.

There I more than two words that can explain the above;
The best two words are the words True Love.

   The Dream

I had a dream of you last night,
you were holding my arm tight.
We were walking through an endless valley of love,
And we stoped to gaze at the countless stars that were above.
I leaned over and wispered into your ear,
my deep thoughts that I wanted you to hear.
Thoughts of love and never ending extacy,
And then I woke up and found that you weren't next to me.


I wish I was a tear
I'd begin in your eyes
Grow on your cheeks
And die on your lips.

	Slave of Love

Each day without you is an eternity.
Each hour, minute, and second is a living cell--
The building-block of a creature
That grows and flourishes inside my soul.
This creature nestles deep,
Deep within the dark, endless void in my heart
And irritates it.
And it laughs at my pain.
It laughs with a deep maniacal voice--
A voice that echoes monotnously throughout my mind.
It laughs because I have no power over it.
It controls me,
And I am its eternal slave.


Everyday I look deep into your eyes
I become lost and suddenly hypnotized
You are forever in my heart within my soul
Without you I will never be whole
Most people come here to learn or see friends
But I come here to see you, without you my life would end
I will always love you forever and a day
Even if you don't, please, don't throw my love away
Your romance enchants me yet sometimes it can be sad
What if you don't feel the same, oh, I want you so bad
Your face allures me even in my dreams
Besides anything else you are my favorite thing
I feel i've been touched by an angel deep within my soul
I want to be your Romeo. 

     I Want To Say I Love You

I want to say I love you but I'm so afraid you'll laugh and if you 
	lauhged when I told you it would break my heart.     

I want to do more things with you because I love you so.
	If I asked you to do these things I'd die if you said no.     

I want you to love me as much as I love you 
	and if you said you hated me I don't know what I'd do.     

My love for you is like a stream that runs forever true 
	and my stream of love will never run dry as long as I have you.


My love for you is stronger,
Than any I've known before.
I hope that it lasts longer,
For eternity or more.

I miss you most when you're away,
And when we're together,
I just want you to stay,
With me forever.

I swear that for you I'll be there,
Even when you love me no more,
I'll be there.

When I'm not with you,
Every second lasts forever, 
And a minute much much more.
I just hope you love me too,
As much as I love you.



                           The union of two souls

                               Until death

                            Disolves the bond

                             Suspended in time

                              For an eternity

                            Endlessly searching

                               For the other
                             Darkness prevails

                             Through the ages.

    Next to me

Holding your hand,
kissing your cheek.
My eyes begin to clearly see.

Feeling your warmth,
holding you close.
I know I need you next to me.

My love for you can't be measured,
through days of endless pleasure...

By my side, my love.
Throughout eternity, my love.
I watch you smile, so innocent and free.
It's clear to me now,
my life can never be complete,
without you next to me.

Lying by your side,
feeling your heart.
I dream of what we soon shall be...

I'll stand there waiting for you,
watching your beauty shine through.
And before God, you'll be standing next to me.

My love for you can't be measured,
through nights of endless pleasure...

By my side, my love.
Throughout eternity, my love.
I'll watch you sleep, so quiet and free.
It's clear to me now,
my life will always be complete,
with your love next to me.

          My Soul Mate

You are my destiny
 I used to wonder where my life would take me
You keep me so warm
 My heart was once frozen with doubts
You make me smile without me even knowing it
 If anyone can dry my tears it is you
You love me even when I make it difficult
 I've never wanted someone to love me so bad

You are like a dream
 The kind that I never want to wake from
You keep me sane
 In the most crazy way possible
You make me strong
 I thought that weakness would alway be a part of me
I say you're my angel
 I need under your wings where we'll be safe...always

    My Love For You

Love is a word, not from the mind
if you look in my eyes,
My Love you will find

As I look in your eyes
I see us together
And I know this is forever

As I kiss your lips
I feel your Love
It's heaven sent from above

As I hold you near
I feel the Love 
Without a single fear

In my arms you will be
from this moment 
'till all eternity

Take my hand and I'll show you the way
our Love will grow stronger
Each and every day.

       	  Quiet Love	

Words of love are best delivered
in quiet person, in quiet time.
Like gifts of love are better given
in private space, or dark sublime.

From mountain tops I do not shout
You know its not my style
but rather whisper, not aloud
and hope it brings a smile.

My love for you is a quiet love
that roars within my soul.
My love for you is a private love
of bells that will not toll.

This quiet love, this private stream
that's fed by joy and tears
flows within me tirelessly
unchecked by selfish fears.

Silently my heart does sing
in rich but quiet tones.
My love soars upon your wings
it would not fly alone.


Dark passion's cool bliss,
Takes hold of your arms,
Grabs on tightly,
Until Diana's hold lets you go
And tender night's sleep
Awakes to yet another day.

Twinkling blind
Bright inevitable signs
Call out a name
A picture, a phrase
Whisper in peace, morning's gloom
Forget these words and never in shame.

A kiss, a kiss
An absolute bliss
Two figures take hold
With a mix of untold,
Nothing said, nothing moaned
Two figures make no sounds
And the end of that
Was never told.

Passion reveals with caution
A gentle kiss provides it's poison
A smile hides it's mischief
A cry tells it's tale
Shed me a tear
Then listen for my laugh


Of all the riches on this earth
I know of only one
Whose beauty can brighten my life
Like an ever-present sun.
If it meant a life of poverty
to spend my years with you,
I would gladly accept that fate
for I'd be rich in our love true.
In my heart you'll always stay,
on my mind you'll always be --
My heart belongs to you, my love,
from now until eternity.


Darkended nightmares
Become modern grapes of wrath
Reaping a bitter wine.

Tropical Ocean

The deep, blue water
Waves crashing against the shore
Footprints in the sand.

			    All I Need

                       You're All That I need
                          All my life
                      I've searched for someone
                    someone to love and care for
          never knowing it was in front of me all along
                          and now I know
                      You're all that I need

                       When times get rough
                       and I feel all alone
                       I wait for your call
                     and you were always there
                          as I needed you
                       telling me you cared

                       We have seen so much
                      and almost done it all
                         as I think back
           through all the things that we've been through
                    because in my heart, I know 
                   I can't live life without you

                          I will always 
                       have you in my heart
                         and I'll love you 
                      for the rest of my life
                     whether you're near or far
                I'll always be here waiting for you

                      You're all that I need
                        when I open my eyes
                          and no one else
                  I just want for you to love me
                         and if you don't
                         I'll be all right

                        Because in my life
                      You're all that I need        

			To My Love
Ma chere amour,

     Que la monde change depuis ma derniere lettre.  Ainsi ce soir 
jeprends ma plume, non pas pour m'emerviellier sur l'epoque ou nous 
vivons, mais pour declarer l'amour qui est dans mon coeur.

                             Vos amour.

Translation:   (French)

My dearest love,

     How the world has changed since last I wrote.  So tonight I take up my
pen, not to marvel at these wonderous times, but to declare the love that
is in my heart.

                     Your love.


When you're standing by me,
can't look you in the eye.
You're just a sweet angel,
Your skin makes my cry.

You float like a bubble 
In a beautiful place,
I can't help but love you,
You've got a beautiful face.

I give you my word,
My love and my life,
I will stay with you
Beyond the end of time.

I need you to love me
Let me know that you care.
Because for you,
I'll always be there.

You're just a sweet angel.
I unconditionally love you.
Whatever makes you happy,
You're so very special.

Whatever you want,
I'll try and give it to you,
Because you're all that I need,
I'll make you my truth.

You're just a sweet angel.
Say that you need me,
Hold me and tell me,
I'm all that you love.

Oh, how I wish you were mine,
My sweet love angel...

You're just a sweet angel
Who came down from above,
Who came to this place 
To give me your love...
You're just a sweet angel.

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