OK, as you already figured out, probably, my name is Laura Piccard. There are pictures of me on my page, but incase you don't have graphics, this is what I look like. I have fairly long, blond curly hair. I have blue eyes, but sometimes they have a gray, green, or brown tint, and I have freckles. I'm about 5'5".

I work at Fish-n-Stuff. It's a great little pet store, and I love my job there. I want to be a veterinarian when I "grow up". I am a senior at Athens High, and have already been accepted to pre-vet program at OU. I absolutely love animals (as if you couldn't have figured that out). I'm not going to live in the dorms next year, one reason is that I couldn't live without my animals. I just love them too much.

Another main thing about me is that I don't drink or do drugs. I'm not straight edge, but I choose not to do it myself. Other people live their lifestyles, and that's their choice, but I choose to live a drug/alcohol free one. I think that's just about all you need to know about me, if you have any questions you can always mail me.

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