100 Nights Achieved

This page is devoted to the cause of Movie Night™: the non party/dance type kids of Athens answer to those horrid activities. What do we do at this alternative event you ask. We sit around, talk, watch movies (preferably about zombies), and drink as much soda (cherry flavored is preferred) as we can afford. Lately it has been getting to be a pretty large and well-respected event. Which for a while led some of the original members to question the state of current affairs. One must have the highest class of gentlemanly or ladylike qualities to participate for it is very selective. And recently it has been following by this statement with usually only core members showing up making the night more respectable and worthwhile.

Richard's Movie Night™ page is a suggested place to visit as it has all the information on movies viewed, people in attendance and so forth from the birth of this event to today.

Jedi Council:

Contact Ruben, Richard, or me if you want to ask some questions.


Good/bad things about Movie Night™

List of zombie movies

Go To the Official Movie Night™ Page kept up by Richard

Go To Nick's Official Movie Highlights from Movie Night™

Cheerwine; a really sweet cherry soda