Movie Extravaganza Page

I'm involved from time to time in movies being made, shorts of course. Another necessary assumption is that they are on video, not film. They are usually comic satires/parodies of pop culture and movies that generally result in vulgarity. However occasionally they are arty and well thought out.


Anyhow here is a list of stuff I've been involved with...

1. Attack of the Killer Stallonites from Outer Space (1997).

2. Beodogg; A Beowulfian Gangsta Epic (1998). Go here for pictures.

3. A documentary of this town I lived in for a while in France (1999).

4. The Monolith that Hath Been Destroyed by the Baby Jesus (1999).

5. Thursday the 12th (1999).

6. The Radioactive Skater Attacks (1999).

7. Zombies Attack (1999).

8. Space Girl From Planet Q (1999).

9. The Christmas that was Ruined Because Robots Attacked and Killed Everybody (1999, finished 2000).

10 Attack of the Love Story--unfinished (1999).

11. Skate Video--unfinished (1999-2000).

12. Doctor Esophagus (2000).

13. The Card Game (2000).

14. The Beach (2000).

15. Memphis Presley Project (2000).

16. Trash Pickup in Athens PSA (2000).

17. Offroading in Wayne National Forest PSA (2000).

... Countless skits for access show The Weak in Revue (1999-present)-go here for a list


I have also been involved in some shape or form with the following public access shows:

1. The Saturday Morning Show (1998). Only two episodes due to crude content on a Saturday morning.

2. Hot Damn Its the Super Rodent's Eleventh Hour (1998). Later time slot, lasted a whole summer but eventually kicked off.

3. Mister E. Felcher (1999). Another short-lived show, this time music and mystery based.

4. Weak in Revue (1999-present). The most organized, and best, show I have ever been a part of. Go here for the current web page.

5.Assmania! (coming soon). Some show that I was tricked into working for...It will probably come into being in the new future (Feb/March 2001). Go here for a unfinished, disorganized webpage.


Don't worry there are other concoctions being worked on right now, such as a prison escape movie, a film noir mystery, a hitchhiking movie, a slasher film, a zombie film, and a u.f.o. hysteria movie. So expect to see them sometime in the hopefully near future on public access. In addition to this expect to see new skits.

At this point it would seem like a good place to plug the Weak in Revue once again; its on Tuesday Nights at 10:00 on Athens Public Access 23.