This page is about a group of friends that got together just to have some fun.First I'd like to start off by thanking Todd Carpenter for pretty much arranging this whole thing at morton hall in the first place.YOu may have heard about movie night that some of my friends have put on.My intention is not to rip off movie night in any way shape or form.This is something that is more than just movies being watched by people.I'm not sure if this will become a weekly or bi-weekly event or what but I hope to keep this updated pertaining to nights like this when they happen.Movie night itself is a good idea but the presence of all the rules take all the fun out of it.I can't exactly call this a movie night because we spent a majority of the time playing video games.I really like this idea of incorporating video games and movies.

I want to point out a few of the rules of movie night that I disagree with.If I have my information straight, the rules were made just for the hell of it and were never really meant to be taken too seriously.However some of them have been exercised beyond their boundaries.Movie night has this system of members and "regulars." V&G FEST (video and game may change but I'll stick with this for now) is more open to anyone who really wants to come.Movie night also carries a no messing around with your girlfriend rule which is being interpreted pretty much as no girlfriend at all.I agree with the no messing around because this is a time of you and your friends, but your girlfriend should be allowed to come.At V&G FEST there is no point sytem and there's no such thing as staying for half of a movie.If you're there then you're there.Oh just in case Richard reads this, I'm not writing this because of the write up of my movie night...I just haven't agreed with Movie night rules for a long time.

March 17-18 2000

For the first of hopefully many nights like this, it was pretty damn good.We had a big stack of movies and games.There were 9 people present, not for the entire time but it all counts.V&G FEST took place at morton hall which is probably where most of them if not all of them will take place.Granted we did only watch one movie, a cartoon (The MAXX), and played 3 video games.The only slight set back there was, were the janitors who had to clean but that's totally understandable.Everyone seemed to have a really good time.Being pretty close to town also gave us good access to food and other shit.

People present at the inagural V&G FEST were as follows in no particular order: Ruben Quinones, Todd Carpenter, Matt Hutchinson (who has gots some dreads now), Corey Joens, Tim Yulish, Perry last name? and his gal friend (I'll edit this when I find out their whole names), Pine, Niki Baum.

The delicacies of the night were: pepsi (not wide mouth...can't beleive it still!!), mountain dew, fritos, doritos, lays chips (doubt they were opened), chicken strips (well just one person had those), a few people went to union street cafe while the janitors were cleaning, I think Ruben possibly had some cough drops, and I saw an open pack of gum so someone probably had some of that.Oh and this just in, Ruben had some advil at Perry's.Ruben also had a grill cheese sandwich and a pickle. Ok Ruben should be dead by now..I know.

We watched the Matrix (great movie) and some of The MAXX (great comic turned cartoon.)The games we played were: Super Smash Brothers, Mortal Kombat 4, and Mario Kart 64.Super Smash Bros was the obvious favorite.It's kind of ineteresting when Pikachu was taller than everyone possibly even Matt.

March 24-25 2000

This was our second V&G FEST.We had this in a smaller room at Morton because the room we wanted to use wasn't quite set up.We had a lot of fun.There were a few new people there.I'm writing this a little over a week after we had it because I'm so damn lazy.So I can't relly remember the names of a couple of the new people.We watched about 1.5 movies this night.The .5 movie is for RAN.We started watching it aroind 12:30 and we all decided to go home around 3.word is the movie is really 6 hours long so it would have been pointless to be asleep and watching it.We played video games once again which is really cool.We just need someone to bring a playstation.N64 has been our providor of video game entertainment.SO...let's get started in out review of the night.

The people who graced the room were: Todd Carpenter, Christian Henniger, Derick Williams, Matt Hutchinson, Levi Riggs, Tim Yulish, PINE, Niki Baum, There were 2 guys ther whose names I seem to have forgotten.I think they're friends of Tim so ask him who they we.If I find out who they were I'll change this.Corey Joens was also present.

The grub of the night was pretty much what anyone got out of vending machinces.So it was prety much all junk food.Some poeple trie to make a lte run into town for food but no place was open.Derrick bought some cheese pretzels which everyone picked at all night.

The movies of the night were The Black Mask.This was a hilarious movie because of all the bad dubbing.It was chinese but sounded like Brooklyn americans dubbing it.Lots of cool action.Good amount of blood and gore.We also watched part of RAN as I said before.Supposedly i's the basis for all samuri movies.shame we made of mockary of what we saw.The video games were:Star Fox, About 20 seconds of MACE, and of course the people's favorite Super Smash Brothers.


This was our third VG FEST of the series of hopefully a shit load.This was at PINE's house on a monday.If you can add right then yes it was a bunch us NOT at school.This was a fairly interesting day.Someone was at my house before I even got up.Yes I did tell them to come early but knowing my group of friends I thought they would come later but good ole Nick Perry showed up around 9:45.We sat around and played some games and watched tv until Ruben and Matt showed up later.Everyone seemed ot have a lot of fun here.Another ping pong paddle of might was broken of mine complements to Nick but I don't think he actually broke it.Everyone enjoyed the mocking of the dog.EH that's cool.Best dressed goes to Seth who showed up in a bath robe, which isn't that much of a change from the locals around my house.

The low down of the down load of food was mountain dew, pepsi, coke and probably some sprite.I'm doing this over a week later than we had it so I can't remember much.Pine had a plate of noodles.I'm referring to myself in the third person for your convience whomever is reading this.There wa also some chips and dip.Ruben had a heaping bowl of the god sent DINTY MOORE!!Matt had a bagle.I have no clue as to what he had on it.As far as anyone knows it was shpadoinkel (spelling?....who cares?!)

There wasn't a lot of people here but that doesn't really matter.Underclassman were at school anyways along with a bunch of seniors who's favorite phrase is "Why can't we all just agree on one day?"The actual people present were in (NO PARTICULAR ORDER): Nick Perry, PINE, Matt Hutchinson, Ruben Quinones, Seth Weinberg and one really huge ass dog.It could probably make up for the other members for the table of seven who were not present.

This was mostly just a game day but there were 2...movies???We watched PHALLUS IN WONDERLAND starring GWAR and a bunch of shameless promotions for million dollar ideas.The games were some pretty gory MORTAL KOMBAT 4.It was played mostly for watching fatalities and body dismemberment.This game just reminds me of rumors of "SEXUAL INTERCOURSE"alities in hope for a PC name.I aim to please the protesters.We also played the infamous TONY HAWK PRO SKATER.A Bushido Blade tourny was enacted during this time.Matt almost became grand champion but the great stick-o-shafting took over.So you can assume we played BUSHIO BLADE 1 and 2.I'm not sure which game was the favorite of the day but who need a favorite when you got friends???You really shouldn't choose favorites when it comes to friend...wait I'm going off on weird tagents...screw you.

May 11-12 2000

Oh yeah baby this was VG FEST numero 4!!!!!I'm actually writing this the day after it was over or well actually later on in the day it ended.This was over at morton hall in yet another room.No...wait it was in 2 rooms.The second one was used was where the first VG FEST was held.This was a pretty awesome night with a lot of new people.I apologize now for not knowing the names of a lot of the people.We actually got to see 2 whole movies this night.Both movies were pretty bad ass.

Oh yeah my people there was some food there and it was....DORITOS!!!Cha Cha bend it over a table CHA!!!!Oh yeah and some generic pop which tasted like camel piss but hey it was free so you don't feel so bad putting it down your gullet.There was also a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper.Great stuff but of all the names to call a pop.Someone could have been chewing gum but that's their life style and I have no problem with it.

ON TO THE PEOPLE!!!We had a lot of new people.I gotta give it up to the Anime club for bringing a movie.So a lot of them were present.I don't know their names so don't ask.Now for the people I know: Ruben Quinones, Ashley...Ashley...oh I don't know her last name.Well I do but I can't remember it.Now for more Niki Baum, PINE, Matt Hutchinson, Tim Yulish, Amber (forgot her last name too), Screech, Andrew Cantino, Sid Malholtra, Christian Henniger,Jesse Paradi, Britches aka Jimi, Nick Perry, Corey Joens.I hope thereisn't anymore because I forgot to list them.

NOW FOR WHAT GIVES THIS NIGHT IT'S NAME...We watched Detroit Rock City and Full Metal Jacket.Both of these movies just plain kicked ass.Full Metal Jacket had a lot of great phrases.The games played were Bushido Blade 2 and maybe some others.I left and then came back so I may have missed more.Well that's it for this write up now go outside and run some laps.Wether your a guy or girl this is a college town.Go get laid.

August 30-31 2000

This was the last VG FEST before Ruben had to leave for Antiok.This was a really fun night.Most people didn't leave until 3 am.Nick and Ruben didn't even leave until 6 in the morning.So many people stopped by it was amazing.I didn't think that many people could fit into a room that small.This was also the same day that Matt came back from Seattle.IT was really good that he got to see Ruben before he left.Matt was also a changed man appearance wise.I must make noso there is written history on it.Matt has dreads now.He also had sandals on and short and a t-shirt.For people that are saying so what you missed out on the past 4 years.Alright well let's go onto those wonderful kids that stopped by

This VG FEST was at an undisclosed location.Only people who went know and if you want to know if you're lucky I'll tell ya.Ok now for all the people who came.I don't know all of their names so I will just put the ones I know: PINE who discovered he's a legend in his former high school, Niki Baum, Corey Joens, Ruben Quinones ( the man of the night), Nick Perry, Tim Yulish, Matt Hutchinson, Richard Moorehead, Christian Henninger, Niel Dawson, Donna Roederer, Zach Fuller, John Howard, Kevin Smith, Mike Brown, Curtis Frye, Chris _____, Jerry _____, Christy Six.Possibly a lot more but there were so many it's crazy!!!There may have been more but high schoolers had school the next day.Oh it's so so so.....HAHAHAHA

On to something more important.Well maybe not because FOOD costs money.That's right folks we're talking about the grub.The trash can became full so there was a little.Mostly fileld with 3 pizza boxes.Yep 3 pepperoni pizzas.I saw some mountain dew and pepsi.A lot of people had water to drink.They're so pure now.I saw christian eating some peanuts.I have no idea where those came from.Donna left to go get pizza.But she came back and that's all the matters.

And now for the things that make up the "VG" in VG FEST.No folks it's not the hot new STD on the market.But I'm sure someone will discover it someday.We played video Games and wathced Videos.The games were: Soldier of Fortune (these aren't you daddy's war stories), Quake 3 arena, And Tony Hawk 2 Demo (TH2PS2).Oh and a short stint of Need for Speed: High Stakes.Two shows of the greatest cartoon other than the Simpsons and a few others were viewed.Ren & Stimpy....The stuff your grandkids will wish they had.Until next time my pets

December 29, 2000

Alright this is the first VG FEST since summer and it's obviously winter now. The original plan of this was was the 48 HOURS OF VG!!!! Well that fell through like a midget on a toilet. It ended up last about an eighth of that but it was still good fun for all except for the midget.Matt said he tasted good with the Papa John's garlic sauce. First of all it was snowing this night and I don't recall that in the forecast.

I suppose you wantto know what people were there. If you don't then why are you waisting your time on here? That's idolize us!! Alright those elite in attendance, in no particual order along the food chain were: Ruben, Todd, Levi, Xtian, Matt (it was at his house by the way), Brian J, and your president elect in 2020, PINE. Ahhhh sweet shameless campaigning.

MMMMMMMM artificial food.....Pringles are these things really potatoes? I don't think so and that's why they're good. Sour Glow Worms...not that sour but still tasty, preferred by fish?...doubtful. Mike and Ikes....also known as the bert and ernie of candies...or maybe that's cherry and bub. 3 YES 3 papa john's pizzas, one cheese, one pepperoni, and one sausage. Now onto the fuzzy liquid. Cherry Coke, Dr Pepper (deer pee), and Mug Root Beer were quenched in extreme thirst.

Who wants to know what we did with all this free time offered to us by those institutes of higher learning? I do and that's because I own this page. *cackle cackle* The viewing of Eddie Izzard Dressed to Kill, Friday the 13th Jason Takes Manhattan, and the Irresponsible Capt Tyler. Some games were played too, I guess I'll mention those. Tony Hawk 2, Bushido Blade 2, and Driver 2. THAT'S RIGHT WE WON'T SETTLE FOR THE FIRST VERSION OF THSE GAMES!!!!