Who Is Anti-Klaus


The mysterious tale of a crazy old man has been handed down for generations. Not the tale of Santa Clause, the kindly old man who give presents on Christmas. But the tale of his evil twin brother, ANTI-KLAUS. Anti-Klaus is another much more wretched version of Santa. Anti is musch like Santa, but instead of a long white beard, he fashions a pointy black mustache not unlike Wario. And where on Santa's costume there would be a Christmasy red color there is a cold blue color on Anti's costume. And waht should be white trim with shiny bells for buttons and jolly snowboots, Anti wears Jet-black trim with gold anarchy stars and black shitkicker boots. All the little children know that santa lives on the north pole in a large house warmed by a fireplace, with a nice mrs. Claus to come home to. Well Anti-Klaus lives on the south pole in a large biodome that creates a desert-like atmosphere in an apartment, and he's single too! Now, many rumors of Anti-Klaus riding his camels along the ground and on water to give good and bad children the flu for christmas have been circulating. I even have an FBI picture of Anti himself, and Here it is.
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    Until then be careful and hope that this year he won't check his list twice, and come to your town.