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Hey, New stuff!! Yeah, I have been inspired to turn my page into an archive of pictures of me and my cronies. So Enjoy! Friend Fotos

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  • tired of all this patriotic bullshit... Read a book- not an american HIStory book either don't trust the mainstream U.S. money media sources, go to or BBC news or Peace. find guitar tabs My Life Story What i do in life etc. If you have seorf, a better way to view my page Info on Pompadors this page sucks you like it? homepages
    Here's some pictures of some of those nerds, or celebrity likenesses.

    Movie Night

    movie stuffright here my list of head Explosions and Their Ratings Enjoy Check out my links This page has been laughed at, at least several times since the counter was last reset, or January 2, 1956, whichever is more recent.
    or you can mail me... i'll read it... if not, i don't

    Ask Bruce Willis!!?? (on my other page) b