About  'StormFlood'

'StormFlood' is an automated e-mail service which distributes official National Weather Service (NWS) information concerning potentially hazardous weather events which may affect Southeast Ohio counties and Ohio University.  The goal is to provide planning and preparedness information 24-48 hours in advance of possible Hazardous Weather events.

This project is not a 'Warning Service', and generally does not seek to distribute information on imminent weather threats.  We may, however, distribute 'watches' or 'advisories' depending on time frame and circumstances.

In most cases, this service forwards actual National Weather Service data, unedited.  The majority of this information comes from the NWS office in Charleston WV, which is responsible for Athens and surrounding Southeast Ohio counties.  Additional data are provided by the Wilmington OH NWS office (near Cincinnati) for storm systems approaching our area from the west; the Severe Storms Prediction Center at Norman, OK. and the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center (HPC).

Affiliated web services include:

Requests for additional information, subscriber help, etc. may be directed to the
Stormflood Administrator.