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The SouthEastern Ohio Regional Freenet


The address you use to access SEORF is changing! The new address is Note that we now use ohio and not ohioU. This change is in effect as of now, but you will still be able to use the old ohiou address until December 21.

This goes for those people who use This address must also be changed to the new ohio form, as in

Welcome to the SouthEastern Ohio Regional Freenet

The SouthEastern Ohio Regional Freenet (SEORF, pronounced "surf") is a community-based network dedicated to providing all citizens of our region with low-cost access to information and communication resources. SEORF offers community members the opportunity to communicate with others in the area and around the world to access information of local, regional, and international interest. The SEORF web site enables people around the world to find out about the unique qualities of southeastern Ohio.

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Requires an ssh application when accessed with a graphical Web browser.

How to Become a Member of SEORF

How to Become a SEORF Information Provider

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Flood Potential Monitoring
This page is primarily designed for southeast Ohio counties, to assist in monitoring precipitation and stream rise events.

Visit "About Our Community" for a complete listing of SEORF Information Providers and other community links.


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